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Issue 4 'Rinse & Repeat' by Lukasz Wierzbowski

Zine Watch: BITE Magazine

The 21-year-old editor of the collaborative project chats to us about putting together issues via Facebook and Skype

BITE Magazine is a collaborative quarterly project by a group of 21-year-olds who’ve never actually met each other. Showcasing the work of relatively unknown young talents in the fields of fashion and photography, the publication began in 2011 when, though Tumblr, a group of six creatives discovered they enjoyed the same aesthetic. Currently in the final stages of putting together their 5th issue, we get a preview of it alongside a brief Q&A with the Singapore-based editor.

Dazed Digital: So what's the theme of the upcoming issue?
Nadirah Nazaraly:
The upcoming issue is titled Drifting. It’s an autumn issue and is focused upon the idea of temporality, movement and volatility. We encourage contributors to interpret the theme accordingly and express themselves through their work. We’re still working on it and are extremely excited to release this issue! It’s always a great pleasure collaborating with such young and also, extremely talented individuals.

DD: How did you all come together to form this little collective?
Nadirah Nazaraly:
Tumblr actually brought us together. By blogging, we came to realise that each of us generally share similar aesthetics and interests in photography, design and art. We thought it’d be great to materialise our ideas through a digital publication.

We are always in contact with one another and have put together every issue via Facebook, Skype and countless e-mails so we’ve never met each other in person! My team members and I are currently residing in different countries - the magazine itself is based in New York. We would like to highlight the importance of social media and technology in day-to-day interactions of youths today and how through these mediums, we are able to collate the work and present it in the form of a magazine that transcends territorial and linguistic boundaries.

DD: The magazine industry is swamped, what made you initially think there was room for BITE?
Nadirah Nazaraly:
Well, it’s definitely not easy to set yourself apart from other magazines. I feel that with our young age combined with similarly young contributors, we are able to function on the same wavelength thereby providing a platform where a collective of young voices are represented. You can say it’s an 'insider’s perspective' of today’s youth. Plus, different magazines have different approaches and appeal. For BITE, we are a non-profit project always on the lookout for undiscovered talent and/or inspiring individuals.