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Transportation in Revival Subcultures

Creative Director and photographer Nick Clements' latest book examines the style of car and motorbike enthusiasts

Nick Clements, creative director of classic menswear title Men's File, is a busy man. When we speak, he's in the process of sending out the 8,000 copies of his brand spanking new issue from his home in Newquay. By himself. That's the downside of running a magazine of such calibre practically on your own. The good thing is that you get to do just about whatever you want, like publish a book for example. 'Transportation in Revival Subcultures' isn't Clement's first publication nor his last. More of these themed tomes are planned for years to come. This one, though, is worth noticing as it combines Clements' interest in style and aesthetics with another interest of his: cars and motorbikes. 

"I see heritage or revival style as a type of re-enactment. This is where the artisan meets the working-class dandy in an expressive form that include fashion/clothing and a car or motorcycle with its beautiful design and construction. Again, like Men's File, this book follows some of the key styles of design, restoration and the construction of transport, used almost exclusively as a means of expression," Clements explains. The vintage expert also runs a café and shop in Totnes, Devon; The Curator allows you to browse beautiful replica clothing from years gone by, whilst tucking into to Clements' Devon cuisine.