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Instagram Tales: Michael Hauptman

The Dazed contributor decided to dedicate the photo series to his best mate, Jeff Henrikson

Dazed contributor Michael Hauptman used to assist Richard Burbridge before breaking out on his own. Since then, except for working with Dazed & Confused, he's shot for Opening Ceremony, The New York Times, i-D and Teen Vogue. For his Instagram Tales contribution, Hauptman went down a new route, choosing to focus the image series on one person, his friend Jeff Henrikson. "We met in college so we've been good friends for 8-9 years now. As well as being really good friends we used to assist together for a couple of years so I accumulated so many photo of him and still hanging out continue to. I figured it would be pretty funny to have a dedicated Instagram of only photos of Jeff. He's one of the nicest and funniest people I know". For Hauptman, Instagram is like a visual twitter. "Yeah, it makes perfect sense that's it been so successful in this day and age of visual over saturation/stimulation of images and communication. It's extremely entertaining! That's kind of all I look at it for, to get a laugh and a bit of entertainment... "

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