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Maeve Molloy

Getting ready to graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University, the budding photographer chats sensual perceptions and cinematic emotions

With final exhibitions and degree shows on the horizon for art and design students, we speak to photographer Maeve Molloy, a soon-to-be graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University, about her work, impending degree show, and hopes for the future.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your photographic style? 

Maeve Molloy:
My work tends to express my immediate sensual perceptions, so I don’t do any vigorous planning before a shoot. I work pretty quickly and intuitively so there’s a spontaneous feeling to my work. I focus on feelings of isolation and the quintessentially cinematic emotions as a narrative, as well as inanimate spaces, recesses and materials that absorb light, as well as reflect it, in order to create a feeling of presence. The way I use light and colour to assist the execution of these themes emits a painterly atmosphere to the overall image.

DD: Is there anything in particular that you like to photograph?
Maeve Molloy
: I often photograph my housemate Daisie, she has an artless quality. I don’t like imagery that looks too contrived, I want my work to look fluid and natural. I recently travelled to the West Bank and documented my time there, it was a great test for me as a photographer, trying to capture a place with such a loaded moral climate. The images I took there are detached and non-judgemental, my overall aim being to document my surroundings rather than trying to make images sensationalist or politically provocative.

DD: What are your aspirations after graduating?
Maeve Molloy:
I’ve been selected to go to Berlin in August to participate in an artist exchange programme for a month, which I’m hoping will be a diving board for future projects. I just hope to continue to be surrounded by creative and interesting people.