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Follow-Up: Ivan Cazzola

As the Italian photographer releases his first book, we chat to him about what he's been up to since last year's RISE profile on Dazed Digital

Following last year's RISE feature on the evolution of his provocative and explorational photography, Ivan Cazzola talks to Dazed about his work since then. The recent release of his book, which comprises Cazzola’s most representative projects of his years of photographic experience including shots of people from different cities and different backgrounds, of models, gangsters, transexuals and personal acquaintances.

Dazed Digital: Did last year’s interview with Dazed have an impact on you or your work?
Ivan Cazzola:
The interview with Dazed has given me a lot of visibility and I still thank you guys! My name mixed with yours is always a big pleasure.

DD: Last year you also spoke about your work shooting short films. Do you have a preference for film or photography?
Ivan Cazzola:
I prefer to be recognised as a photographer, not a director, at the moment being a director is secondary for me, but I enjoy it a lot, I am always looking for good shots. 

DD: What can you tell us about the experiences of photographing such a range of worlds and people with whom you have such different relationships?

Ivan Cazzola: The most fascinating thing in my job is being able to shoot different people following my own style and catching their personality. Obviously there are always difficulties as soon as I meet people, snobbish musicians, cheeky actors, fashion editors with strange ideas about fashion… sometimes I would prefer to go around New York shooting the homeless or things I like.

DD: Do you have any favourite photographs from the book?
Ivan Cazzola:
The book is a collection of a lot of images. There are more than 10 years of shooting, nearly 200 photos and I can not tell you what I prefer or which one is my favourite. I can't say I'm more affected by one photo or another - it's emotional to see the project all together. 

DD: Do you have any projects planned for the future?
Ivan Cazzola:
I would like to go on with editorial projects, exhibitions that I'm planning and showing all around and obviously I will go on shooting for fashion and music.

Ivan Cazzola is out now