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Joanna Piotrowska

RCA: Work In Progress

We look closer at a handful of images from first year MA Photography students at the Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art's Photography programme is hosting a work in progress show at the new Dyson building in Battersea. Twenty first year MA students bare their most experimental work in an exhibition that spans film and video. Hermione Wiltshire, Acting Head of Photography at the RCA, explains more about the show.

Dazed Digital: What direction is contemporary photography moving in and what techniques should we expect to see emerging?
Hermione Wiltshire:
The definition of documentary photography has expanded and merged with the discourse of fine art. For instance, constructed documentary, montage and the use of found imagery are all emerging as dominant practices in the field. There is also an interest in reassessing the history of photography within the context of painting, sculpture and film. The pressures of social and economic meltdown mean that young artists want to engage with political and social change.

DD: What is the aim of showcasing work in progress?
Hermione Wiltshire: The work in progress show is an integral part of the curriculum with an emphasis on experimentation and a group discussion in situ with tutors and visitors. It is essential for students to see their own work and the work of their peers in a gallery context. It is also a great opportunity for the public to see what the students are making and it can often lead to commissions or new opportunities for them.

DD: Which established artists are informing the work of RCA students?
Hermione Wiltshire: To name but a few: Jeff Wall, Wolfgang Tillmans, Susan Hiller, Taryn Simon and Becky Beasley.

The RCA Photography & Printmaking Work in Progress Show is at the Dyson Building, 20 Howie Street, London SW11 4AY until 3 May, 12 noon-6pm daily, closed Sunday. Free admission