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Jonnie Chambers

The London-based artist and photographer chats to us about his graphic images in eye-popping candy colours

With neon-bright photo collections themed around 'Car Culture', America, Europe, council estates and England, Jonnie Chambers is a London-based artist and photographer taking a bold, graphic approach to his visual art. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins in Graphic Design, Chambers has since exhibited his colourful and often off-beat images in galleries in London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona, to Sydney, and keeps a visual diary at his blog here.

My work has always been bright and colourful. I still don't understand why people wear black?

Dazed Digital: Having worked with both mediums, what are the links between your work in photography and art?
Jonnie Chambers: I'm often drawn to things that are quite graphic. Whether it be something I see on the street or an object that I find interesting. I use photography to document incidents that might only last for a split second. But when there's something which cannot be photographed, I often resort to other mediums to represent the idea or narrative.

DD: Your work is often quite bright and colourful, has it always been this way or what have been the latest influences for your style?
Jonnie Chambers: My work has always been bright and colourful. I still don't understand why people wear black?

DD: What is your background in art / where did your interest in it come from?
Jonnie Chambers: I think the interest came from back when I was in high school and I saw what my older sister was making at art college. I began by designing and making t-shirts but then my interests spread to other things like graffiti, photography, art and graphic design.

DD: What do you aim to achieve with your work?
Jonnie Chambers: It would be good to widen a few people's horizons. I feel that society is so brainwashed, if you're seen taking a photograph of a child, you're immediately classified as a pedophile. Or if you're seen taking a photograph of a famous building or an airport, you must be a terrorist?

DD: What projects are you currently working on?
Jonnie Chambers: I'm working on a couple of projects in the UK and I'm hoping to do an artist residency in Japan later on in the year. I'd also like to self publish a book at some stage.