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Rankin's Myths: Exclusive Video Interview

We premiere a filmed Topman Generation interview where the Dazed co-founder talks about his latest art collaboration with Damien Hirst

In this exclusive video interview with Dazed co-founder Rankin, to be shown on Topman Generation tomorrow, the photographer discusses his and Damien Hirst's current art book project. He talks about the project as a way of exploring ancient creatures and using model Dani Smith to interpret them in a contemporary way. The duo was fully committed to the aesthetics of the shoot, creating impressive body casts and indulging in the pure ugliness of their ideas.

In the interview, alongside moving images from the various shoots, Rankin chats about the perception of these mythical creatures back when they were first realised centuries ago, as well as the process they went through to achieve these haunting photographs. Topman Generation is a new and exciting multi-media magazine, brought to you by the high street giant, has just gone live and aims to give a unique insight into fashion, film and music - curated by Dazed Digital's former arts & culture editor, John-Paul Pryor.