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Marc Hundley: Joan Baez is Alive

The NYC-based artist presents his first solo exhibition, looking at fabricated advertisements based on iconic times in musical history

On September 15th, Marc Hundley, premiered his first solo presentation at New York’s Team Gallery title 'Joan Baez is Alive', a exhibition showcasing his fabricated advertisements based on iconic times in musical history. From a folded piece of paper to a found photograph, all of Hundley’s works provide, what he describes as, a contemplative diary of melodic moments. Here, Dazed Digital caught up with Hundley two days before his solo debut...

Dazed Digital: Your fabricated advertisements take the forms of posters, postcards, flags and tee shirts, and with this exhibition, they promote poetic moments from a partly imagined past. What does “partly imagined” mean to you?
Marc Hundley:
 I don't know what it means to me. I think it could be describing the performance that is being advertised. A reading, musical performance, film, the exhibit of a painting, all which seems imagined. When in fact they are posters for actual moments with, authors, painters, and musicians.

DD: What is it about the 60’s and 70’s music era that you decided to focus on?
Marc Hundley: I didn't really focus on eras per se... There are artists in the show from the 80', 90's, and 00's…all different decades.

DD: Why did you decide to call the exhibition “Joan Baez is alive”? What is it about Joan as a performer that resonates with you?
Marc Hundley: It seemed to be a pretty casual decision. I think her music sounds compassionate and quite frankly, I enjoy listening to it.

DD: What is it about stencil and silkscreen methods of printing that speaks directly to you?
Marc Hundley: I rarely use silkscreens. I think I have only once. I make stencils and photocopies mostly, because it's less of a production and I can make things all over the place. I can make one or I can make 100….all relatively easily.

DD: Do you feel there is a certain level of subtle eroticism embedded in your work?
Marc Hundley: With some of it, yes. Or at least I hope so.

DD: What inspired your latest exhibition?
Marc Hundley: The things that I've made for the show were posters I've been meaning to make but hadn't. It was my way of expressing my experiences over the last few years.

Text by Yale Breslin

Team (gallery, inc.), 83 Grand Street, ny ny 10013, 47 Wooster Street