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Won Hundred x James Pfaff

The menswear label collaborates with photographer James Pfaff to curate a series of images for their A/W'11 collection

Autumn Winter '11 is set to see something different in Won Hundred's approach to the launch of their forthcoming collection. The menswear brand commisioned renowned British photographer James Pfaff to curate a unique series of images for their new campaign. Pfaff explains how more often than not, this scenario would restrict his creative process, however this collaboration with Won Hundred was different. In order for James to carefully capture the brand's sensibilites, he was allowed complete creative freedom contextualising the core aesthetic of the designs and reflecting on the quality of Won Hundred's A/W '11 collection.

Dazed Digital: What is the concept behind the exhibition?
James Pfaff:
We had the idea to go beyond a normal press event and create a something more special.  More sensitive if you like. The opportunity arose through a sense of shared aesthetics that lead to Won Hundred asking me to add some personal imagery and design elements to the presentation. Art & commerce!

DD: What aspects of your photography do you think blend well with Won Hundred?
James Pfaff:
My idea of photographic simplicity and quality fits well with what’s important at Won Hundred. We both are in the modern world but with a restrained feel – Sometimes with a nod to tradition too.

DD: How have you intended to capture the Won Hundred’s design sensibilities in your latest shoot?
James Pfaff:
By keeping the images simple, understated and clean – No tricks (Needed).

DD: Where did you draw influence for this piece of work?
James Pfaff:
From the natural world. Won Hundred clothes come from nature and fade just as nature dictates. This was for me an important starting point when it came to the selection of my own personal images. Wabi Sabi.

DD: Do you find when working for a brand there is a more or less creative direction?
James Pfaff:
Depends on the brand. In this case I was left to do my own thing. It does happen sometimes thankfully but generally speaking brands and the business talk creative but are really rather conservative. From this point of view Won Hundred are in a small way doing something very special!