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The collaborative photography duo launch their debut show at The Wayward gallery

Lydia Garnett and Vic Lentaigne curate their first show at The Wayward Gallery in their collaborative photography duo, LGVL. After meeting at Brighton University, they have worked together to explore the world of youth culture today, focusing on fashion, sexuality, and identity.  Their debut show proves how well they work together in presenting their ideas through imagery, and the concept of photography works seamlessly with the themes they implore. The photographs on display, which consist mainly of pictures of their friends, reflect perfectly the freedom and spirit of their generation, presenting a unique insight into the youth culture they intended to explore.

Dazed Digital: How did your collaboration begin?
We met in Brighton three years ago where we were studying on the same photography degree course. We became a support and inspiration for one another in a system that we both found over conceptual and boring.  We both felt frustrated and stifled by all the formalities that had to accompany every photograph; photography had always been something spontaneous for us. After finishing University last June, we both moved to London and started sharing ideas and shooting together. 

DD: What themes did you intend to capture and how did you embark on this?
As individual photographers we were both interested in youth, identity, sexuality and exploring different subcultures. What interests us is real people, people who are considered different, not anything superficial.

DD: How do you work together?
We communicate constantly, asking each other’s advice and discussing ideas. LGVL is very much a meeting of two minds and a mini collective in a sense that we rely and learn from one another. 

DD: How does the subject matter reflect your lives?
Our first show is very much a reflection of our own lives. All the subjects photographed are our close friends and are documents of intimate moments that we have shared with people. We are in the process of creating an archive of this time in our lives.

DD: What do you hope the viewer will take from your work?
LGVL is at a really exciting point for us and we want our audience and friends to share the same excitement that we feel and to be part of the start of something. In the show we’ve made a big collage on one of the gallery walls where we’ve included our own dialogue alongside the photographs and our personal notes and thoughts are on display. We want the viewer to connect and relate to our lives and thought processes. The curation of the show is different- it’s low key and unintimidating to the viewer. Expect to see bulldog clips and scrawl over the wall. This show has given us to the opportunity to do exactly what we want. The fact that we love working with each other is significant because it shows our interest and need to share with others.  We always want to involve people in what we do and are majorly inspired by our audience and the people around us.

The LGVL exhibition will be opening at The Wayward Gallery on 19th May.