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Taragana Pyjarama

Danish producer Eim Ick presents a new project as the fifth release to come from Fluo Kid's Fool House imprint with remixes from Teengirl Fantasy

Formerly known as Eim Ick, remixing the likes of Delphic, Polock and gracing John Talabot’s Hivern label, Taragana Pyjarama is Nick Eriksen from Denmark. The 21-year-old launches his debut release on Parisian label Fool House, run by Fluo Kids' Guillaume Heuguet and Hianta Cassam Chenaï who've released the likes of Delorean, and Mondkopf in the past. Taragana Pyjarama is the fifth release, complete with remixes from Brooklyn duo Teengirl Fantasy and the Chilean Ricardo Tobar. The release features ‘Sundanese Blonde’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Girls’ playing with deep sounds, and a clever vocal line.


...your special talent?
Getting really pissed about something, that's actually just lame. Or getting really excited about something, that's also really lame.
It's probably not even special or a talent.

…the story behind your name?
Stole some of it from a Roxy Music track called 'Pyjamarama'. Check it out, it's really good.

... your favourite sound?
Right now? This synth-bubble-thing I got and crisp textures. Yeah, best of both worlds really.

...your worst vice?
Not sure what this word means. If it's something you've done that is almost illegal or just something negative (I'm guessing the last one). I've been told I'm very impatient and yes, I probably need to calm down sometimes.

...your worst fashion secret?
What is this even? A 'fashion secret'? I normally just wear black and sometimes some nice warm sweaters. I'm like that, yo.

...your favourite website?

...the best thing about where you're from?
Some great looking girls. I always get disappointed when traveling other places. We got 'some genes' here. the top of your shit list?
Bruno Mars, I like pop though, this is just too much.
Shitty gigs, is pretty shitty. I don't like those gigs.
and when there's no rage out in tv-programs about cooking. (via. Gordon Ramsay)

...are you listening to now?
Nothing right now. Yesterday I was listening to some BNJMN, pretty good stuff.

How would you describe your work?
I'm always thinking in hooks and melody. Sometimes really 'cheesy' hooks and others some quirky stuff. That's probably the only thing that keeps following me, when I create these things. I try not to think too much about what I make, but I guess my mind wants to do something it can't quite figure out itself.