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Two Door Cinema Club

The lads from Bangor sell out at London's Roundhouse after their debut album is released on Kitsune

It’s hard to believe that Two Door Cinema Club have only been around for a year. Their debut album, Tourist History, was released in March 2010 and the response has been phenomenal. So much so that they’ve now sold out shows across the globe, including a headline slot at London’s Roundhouse on 12 March. Not bad for three lads from Bangor. With the hype has come a mounting pressure to produce an equal follow-up. A tall order considering the hectic touring schedule that 2011 holds. We caught up with Sam Halliday to find out about the second record and the upcoming Roundhouse show.

Dazed Digital: How’s the tour going?
Sam Halliday:
Good. After Christmas we went on the longest tour we’ve ever been on. It was two months and we went from New York, up to Canada and then down the east coast to Florida and to Brazil for the first time and then back over to Australia, Indonesia and Japan. It was crazy, just going through all these different climates.

DD: So it’s been a pretty crazy year?
Sam Halliday:
Yeah we’ve not really had two weeks off, except for around Christmas time. It’s been all go, but it’s good to be busy and it’s good to play shows everywhere. We just need a break now to write the new album.

DD: Have you guys started the new album?
Sam Halliday:
We’ve done bits on the road but it hasn’t been going too well in terms of trying to find space to do it. We had a week off during the summer and we got a couple of songs together then, and got another couple over Christmas so we’re well on our way. We’ve got a few ideas from our own playing about. It’s just a case of coming together and bringing them to the band.

DD: Where do you want to take the new album?
Sam Halliday:
We’re just going to see what happens when we start making it. There isn’t any set plan. With the first album, the stuff we wrote was about three or four years ago. It’s going to be really different because we’ve been exposed to much more musically and had so many more crazy experiences since then. There isn’t any label pressure to get it done.

DD: What are Kitsuné like to work for?
Sam Halliday:
They’re great. They’ve got a lot of good ideas and are really good at providing us with people to work with – it was them that helped us to get Philippe Zdar to mix a lot of the first album.

DD: Looking forward to playing the Roundhouse?
Sam Halliday:
Yeah we’ve played there twice before: once supporting Phoenix and then we played the iTunes festival with Foals. It’s a great venue. It’s nuts: we’re playing Brixton in June and that’s sold out too.

DD: This time next year?
Sam Halliday:
Hopefully we’ll have recorded the next album by then and we’ll be previewing some new stuff. In general we just want to release the new album and play to more and more people. 

Tour dates:
10 - Glasgow - Barrowlands / 12 – London - Roundhouse / 18 - Dublin - Olympia / 19 - Dublin - Olympia
02 - Bristol - Academy / 03 - London - Brixton Academy