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The eclectic producer from Buenos Aires gracing Wolf + Lamb returns with a debut album on Desolat

Taking a playful approach to his music, Argentinian producer Guti presents his debut album, 'Patios de Juegos', which means 'playground' on German label Desolat. The classically-trained jazz musician playfully blends his influences from anything like Argentinean folk, to blues, rock and jazz into traditional house sounds for a truly unique experience which can be heard across his album tracks and also his releases on Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels where he worked with Dubshape.

...your special talent?

I can play a bit of piano, and I am a good cook.
...your worst vice?

My worst vice is to make music, I can’t stop.
...influences your music as it's quite varied?

Broken hearts and hope.
... your favourite sound?

My old piano in my house in Buenos Aires, I miss him.
...your favourite website?

I love to read newspapers. I read maybe about ten everyday in various languages. It definitely opens your mind.
... good for breakfast?

Everything, with the girl you love in bed. the top of your shit list?

Autotune, I just can’t get it.
...are you listening to now?

Night Train - Oscar Peterson
...the best thing about where you're from?

So f***** real!
How would you describe your work?

Like my album is titled: "Patio de Juegos". Music is my ‘playground’.