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Becoming Real's Cold World Industries

The enchanting new label from the electronic producer and Dazed Live DJ specialises in limited editions and the age old tradition of vinyl-only

As the debut release on Becoming Real's own record label Cold World Industries, 'Closer/Antarctic City' is a fine example of the young producer's obsession with 'eski-beat' and dark electronic sounds. The former presentes icy sounds and eerie vocal samples, whilst the latter is more upbeat with vocal loops and high energy, complete with a remix from Night Slugs'  Jam City. We have a chat with the head honcho himself about how the label came about before he's set to DJ at the Dazed Live festival on April 9.

Dazed Digital: Cold World Industries has only just started... what inspired its conception?
Becoming Real: Being able to choose and create my own context for my own music and like-minded artists. Dance music seems to be splitting off in so many directions and being able to make a home for music that sits somewhere in between these genres that has essentially come from a completely different background is important. There's probably a lot of music that just gets lumped in the dance category and isn't given enough time and space to exist fully on its own terms.

DD: It's suggested that it releases sounds similar-minded to that of 'Becoming Real'... how would this be described in words, if it can?
Becoming Real: Icy synths. Fractured 'n' broken dancing. The pulling apart of genres and reconfiguring them through cheap equipment. The dread. Early grime. Shadows cast by buildings and the crackle of old radio stations drowned out by burning forests and crumbling buildings. I wanna hear the shitty and flimsy future i was promised.

DD: Do you think this will change over time?
Becoming Real: I don't know whether this will change over time, but, like everything, I'm sure it will. I mean, of course this is gonna naturally evolve, but I suppose the core of the label will always stem from early grime recordings and have independent values. That's something that is pretty important to me, being DIY. Who else is gonna get things done exactly how you want? No one. If you got a really specific vision, you gotta do it yourself.

DD: Where did the name come from?
Becoming Real: The name pretty much got made up to describe the music; the name makes some sense of the music and the music makes puts meaning into the name. It's London, it's a cold world. And I couldn't escape the spectre of Jandek, Corwood Ind. running through my mind.

DD: Will the label continue to only release in limited editions and if so, why?
Becoming Real: For the time being limited runs seem appropriate. As the label grows, artwork and packaging will become more important - and we have attempted to create something that is visually and aesthetically consistent - but for now, I can't afford it, so white label, short runs will do. We have a lot of creative people in this team, so when we can afford it, things will get colourful(ish).

DD: What's next from the label?
Becoming Real: Next up? Hmmm, well I have some pretty cool stuff, some I can mention, some I can't, some you just wouldn't plain believe. But yeah, we have some more 12"s coming out, some other art projects, setting some things on fire, doing some video projects. Probably a digital 12" of sorts for a track that just needs to live and has been in my live set for a while now and has a few people asking for it. But let's just say for the time being, we have more music coming out in certain formats.

Photo by Leon Diaper

Becoming Real - 'Closer/Antarctic City' is out now. 12" buy it here