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Justus Köhncke for dollop

Tonight, East London sees the German legend on Kompakt headline the new series of CitiPost parties

Having built up his repertoire on the legendary Kompakt Records over the last decade, the Cologne-based electronic producer Justus Köhncke has made everything from darker techno sounds to Pet Shop Boys-style German band music. Moving from his first project Blood & Honey in the late 90s, an Amanda Lear coverband in its entirety, he soon crafted his own disco-infused electronica. Perhaps best known for his remixes like for Friendly Fires' 'Paris', he will now be making his way over to London for a warehouse party tonight at the old Scrutton Street location for the third installment of dollop's innovative new CitiPost nights. Where their last night saw Border Community take over with Luke Abbott and James Holden, the series will continue this Friday with Fra Soler, Walls (DJ set) and visuals from Dan Tombs.

Dazed Digital: Why did you start your first project Blood & Honey?
Justus Köhncke:
In 1988, I was living in Düsseldorf and started exploring sequencing (using Atari ST with Cubase 1.0 actually). So with my friend Jan Schüler who went to the Düsseldorf art school back then and is the most die-hard Amanda Lear fan on the
planet I started this project that was a bit Pet Shop Boys-format actually (a singer and a programmer, both queer) that was solely covering Amanda Lear songs electronically - "Blood And Honey" was her first hit in Germany actually. We performed at the Academy to great response with costumes and stage paintings and all that. Quite campy stuff. "Blood And Honey" split after their third gig though, and acid house broke so i canged the subject and bought my first sampler, too.

DD: What's happening with your music now? Do you feel it has been constantly changing and if so, what inspires this?
Justus Köhncke:
That's quite hard to answer - reflecting your own work; well, I would state that at the same time I deliberately switch and mix genres and styles, from functional disco-tech to German Kitsch ballads for example, but at the same time record the same song over and over again and still it's never really finished so next one.

DD: What is your favourite sound lately? / What are you listening to now?
Justus Köhncke:
A club track that really blew my mind was Axel Boman's "Purple Drank" (on PAMPA, good stuff coming from there anyway). Releases by Soundstream are also my cup of tea a lot. And I just rebought that masterpiece by George Martin junior, the beatles mashop called "LOVE". Super underrated masterpiece.

DD: How do you feel about playing London compared to home?
Justus Köhncke:
Since I love London I'm always happy to go!

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Justus Köhncke:
Getting it on in my newly setup Berlin studio and maybe record the track I am searching for for 20 years now?

CitiPost Building, 73-75 Scrutton Street, EC2A 4PJ. Friday 4th March, 11pm - 5am