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Horsepower Productions Return

Benny Ill of the original dubstep trio preps for his set at this Friday's epic FWD>> + night in London

Completing the ridiculous line-up this Friday, 1st April at FWD>> + at Fabric, garage and 2-step group Horsepower Productions from the days of dubstep yore will be set to play alongside the likes of Skream, Geeneus, N-Type, Plastician, Zinc, Roska, and Jackmaster. Founding their name via legendary drum'n'bass label No U Turn, (and sister-label Turn U On), members came and went but often collaborated with the likes of Fat Larry and Hyperdub's Kode9, as well as forming the dub duo Bill & Ben. Known for their crisp percussion on heavy sub-bass tracks, Horsepower Productions' album on In Fine Style majorly contributed to what was regarded as the 'birth of dubstep'.

Dazed Digital: How do you feel your sound has changed or progressed since the inception of Horsepower back when?
Benny Ill: Well we all live in the same world and we are influenced by the music around us like everyone else, so we move with the times a bit, but we always try to keep our own individual slant on things, you know, like our own take on whatever style we choose to go with. We also have to progress with technology, so the sound can change like that too, but we are careful not to throw out the old techniques, and try to incorporate new technology with old.

DD: What can we expect from your set at Fabric? How much has your live set up changed, esp as there's now two of you?
Benny Ill: For the Fabric set we will be showcasing our new material alongside a few old favourites, but it's always dependant on what happens on the night, we like to present a different show each time we play so anything could happen!

DD: Where do you think underground UK electronic music like UK Garage and/or Dubstep is heading?
Benny Ill: Well it's in a good place right now, with a healthy underground scene that's locked into innovation and originality, and a good commercial side to the scene which helps to support everything else that's going on. We see things developing all the time as the music spreads so as long as people remain positive about what they are doing, then there is a great future for it. If dubstep can keep the wide range of styles together a bit, like under one sort of umbrella and it doesn't fracture up too much into sub-genres then it can give people a good variety of styles and keep everyone interested.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Benny Ill: Right now, we are listening to Disco and House music

DD: What's next?
Benny Ill: We have some future 12" releases planned for Tempa, and a faint possibility of a 4th album! We have a few remixes and other releases currently in production, including some vocal material, and we have just opened a new studio facility, where we will be offering services of production mixing and recording for other musicians and vocalists.

FWD>> + at Fabric, London; this Friday 1st April, 10pm - 6am; £15 advance, £16 door