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Polock: 'Fireworks' Video Premiere

The Spaniards present the video for new single 'Fireworks', typical of their cheery pop jams with remixes from Lo-Fi-Fnk and Eim Ick

Named after the painter and Ed Harris film, Spanish band Polock today premiere their new video for 'Fireworks' on Dazed Digital. The visual partner to their limited edition 'Fireworks' single including remixes by Lo-Fi-Fnk (of Kitsuné Maison fame) Eim Ick and Ville Rowland. The quirky illustrations and lo-fi photographs on their blog following them on tour give a litle indication to their unabashed pop sentimentalities - Fusing happy-go-lucky vocals, strumming guitars and a whole load of maracas, reminiscent of summer days gone.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
Good songs combined with fresh sound, preserving all the power from the album on live.
...your worst vice?
Tostarrica cookies.
…the story behind your name?
The name of the painter, after the movie shot by Ed Harris. We saw the name in big letters and we loved it. We spelled it without an L because it was a difficult word to pronounce in Spain, were we are from.
... your favourite sound?
The sound of dawn after a long night working on the songs.
...your worst fashion secret?
Buttox.... are you serious? none.
...your favourite website?
... good for breakfast?
Tostarrica cookies, Cheerios and a chocolate milkshake would make a perfect start for the day. the top of your shit list?
Nothing really, but if I had to say something, I'd say Justin Bieber.
...are you listening to now?
Just bought Ariel's Pink Haunted Graffity's "Before Today". Great album. Also we met this band in our last trip to the Eurosonic Festival in Netherlands, named Balthazar who are surprisingly not very known. You should really check them out.
How would you describe your work?
We like to see us as old time perfumers where they studied how much of this and how much of that, in little proportions to obtain the most interesting results. We work on the details and then we build the songs.
Alberto Xerri