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SX70 Jefferson x colette

Dazed co-founder Jefferson Hack collaborates with colette for a new mix compilation featuring the likes of Junip, Boys Noize & Erol Alkan

In collaboration with Parisian superstore colette, Dazed & Confused co-founder Jefferson Hack has compiled a new mix for their CD series. Entitled SX70, the album features an eclectic variety of artists/bands/producers from Junip, Marianne Faithfull, Boys Noize & Erol Alkan, to Bauhaus or The Glimmers. And it's not only the music that impresses; the CD is artwork was created by Parisian art agency M/M, making the mix a collaborative effort combining all fields of creativity.

Dazed Digital: How did the collaboration with colette come about? What do you feel you brought to the series?
Jefferson Hack: I was doing mixtapes for friends as presents and Sarah heard that I did this and liked what I was playing so she asked me to do one for colette. I love her vibe and the shop so I felt honoured to collaborate. I wanted to make the mix tape feel really personal as if it was made for a friend or a lover. Something personal and private and commercial. I went out of my way to not use obvious songs or if they were then find original versions or ways of using them that felt personal.

DD: Why is the compilation called SX70? A reference to the iconic Polaroid camera?
Jefferson Hack: The reason it's SX70 is because its a reference to the polaroid - which captures a moment in time and becomes an archive of a mood or emotion. And it sounds sexy - I like the way it sounds best.

DD: What is it that links the variety of tracks/artists chosen? Do you feel there is a distinctive flow to them or are they there each to stand on their own?
Jefferson Hack: I made it quite mid-tempo throught so its good to listen to during the day and at night, before going out or when you come home. I would say listen to it walking to work in the morning so you face the day with a sense of adventure.. Or on long plane journeys to cheer you up and make you feel less alone in the world.

DD: Having a deep interest in music, such as through DJing yourself, have you ever wanted to produce music too or considered starting a label?
Jefferson Hack: I always felt like starting Dazed & Confused was like being in a band we just expressed ourselves in design and not in sound but its still a performance and an attitude and a search for a truth, at least the way we defined it to ourselves... Apart from that yes I always was inspired by Malcolm Mclaren...
He was a great producer and artist..

DD: Who are your favourite new acts of the moment?
Jefferson Hack: Wait for the next compilation - maybe if Sarah let's me ill do one with all new/unsigned acts that would be fun...

SX70 is out now, buy it HERE