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LN-CC & Golf Channel

The underground electronic music label launch their new release for Ghost Note at the Dalston boutique

Ranging from lo-fi 'outsider pop' LPs, disco reissues and more experimental electronic sounds, New York-based Golf Channel Recordings made it's debut with an epic disco edit from Mark E, sampling noneother than Janet Jackson's hit 'RnB Drunkie'. The vinyl-only label is now celebrating the new Ghost Note release in collaboration with appointments-only store LN-CC tucked away in Dalston. With an eclectic roster of artists such as DJ Nature, Gala Drop, Mark E, and Justin Vandervolgen, label owner Phil South and Ghost Note’s Anton Esteban have just released Ghost Note II – Kapwa/Abularyo.

Dazed Digital: What is the ethos behind Golf Channel?
Phil South: 
A lot of happy accidents, chance encounters and late night friendships led me to it. it's a showcase for our corner of our special little scene out here in new york city. I'm surrounded by amazing music and talented people, I'm a lucky guy I guess.

DD: Is there a linking sound between the things you release?
Phil South: Well the fact that we all kind of know each other and hang out so yes... but other than that no. I'd like to put out a country rock lp, folk music, modern classical, reggae, anything!

DD: Who would be the dream act to release?
Phil South: I'm working on that one.

DD: Have you been vinyl-only so far, and if so do you think this hinders or helps labels today?
Phil South: I'm starting to think it helps... everyone tells me we sell record numbers of 12"s which is kinda sad - 2000 copies is a lot? Jesus Christ! But the out of print stuff is going to slowly start coming out on digital, and as we get a few LP's out they will have to go digi too, eventually.

DD: What's next for you?
Phil South: I have been working on this reissue project for a while now, this guy that Abel (of Blackdisco fame, Tako Cohort and Digger Extraordinaire) put me on to. His name is Spike and he released 4 LPs in the 80s, all private press stuff that sank without trace. There's some genius outsider pop on these LP's, all lo fi and stoned sounding, beautiful guitar playing and heavenly vocals. I'm getting remixes done by all the guys on the label and one by one of my musical heroes, Thomas Bullock aka welcome stranger. so we will have a remix LP and a compilation of stuff from these four albums, all remastered from the original tapes.

Also have a series of 12"s coming from Juju & Jordash, all highly politically motivated stuff dealing with the modern state of Israel. But in a massively psychedelic techno way. The golem turns on his own people. These records are like 15-20 minute long epic widescreen future jams. they're also working on some crazy future space jazz techno cuts with ex-Arkestra and Zappa musicians. All the label guys are working on new stuff, we have a new try to find me dropping any minute, DJ Nature, Ghost Note, Heroes of the Galleon Trade, all busy working working...

Ghost Note II – Kapwa/Abularyo out now. Appointments can be made here at LN-CC.