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Bubble Club

With a recent single on International Feel, the electronic producer takes his extensive knowledge of music to make lush new sounds

London-based Bubble Club aka Dan Keeling has long been involved in music, but the former booking agent and A&R at Parlophone, Island and A&M Records finally turned his hand to productions - making lush uplifting electronic music difficult to categorise like ‘Violet Morning Moon’, and his new single ‘The Goddess’ out on the mysterious International Feel label set up in Uruguay. Keeling's journeys into beautiful melodies with subtle sounds and catchy beats come with remixes from the likes of !K7's Quiet Village.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
The real summer of love, 1975.

 ... your favourite sound?
Farty rave hoover noise, circa 1988.

 ...your worst vice?
Chateau Palmer 1961.

 …the story behind your name?
Pull up a chair.

 ...your worst fashion secret?
Miami Vice parody via Mr Byrite, 1985.

 ...your favourite website? 1 or 2 great records have been had from here...

 ...your biggest source of influence?
David Bowie 1977 - 1983. the top of your shit list?
Tesco world domination tour 2011.

 ...are you listening to now?
Steve Reich - 'Music for 18 Musicians'.

How would you describe your work?
Lift off.