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Blondes Blondes Blondes

Since relocating to Berlin, the highly sought-after experimental duo are now on their US tour for their new single, 'Lover/Hater'

Having relocated to Berlin this February, Blondes have since toured all over Europe, taking London by storm last month with their exhilarating live sets. Their last EP, 'Touched' on indie label Merok saw the duo Zach Steinman and Sam Haar prepare their densely layered synths and trippy rhythms - which can also be heard in their recently finished three-part, limited ed vinyl-only 12” series on RVNG Intl. featuring their track 'Lover / Hater'. Dazed have a chat before they set off to join the legendary Simian Mobile Disco and The Juan Maclean on a tour across the US this March.

Dazed Digital: You've decamped to Germany for the month, what's it like playing out there as compared to back home?
We're actually in Germany next month (February). We love being in Berlin and traveling so we're very excited to be there and play shows around Europe. Its always fun to bring something to different scene with a different vibe, because it's interesting to see how it effects our playing, and how different people fall into the vibe.

DD: What is the best thing about playing live? Do you prefer studio time?
Blondes: Each has it's own benefits. We both love playing live because we get the energy of an audience, which is always amazing. It makes our music more fresh as it's different every time we play, and we sometimes fall into something that we've never done before and when the crowd is with you on it, you all explore something new and in the moment. Also, we love getting to play really loud on different sound systems. Studio time is great because its more controlled, and it's just us hanging out and playing.

DD: How did you end up writing the live score for a chamber orchestra?
Blondes: We were comissioned to write a piece for the new music venue Roulette in New York, for a benefit festival for their new location. We were happy to be invited to write something, and have it performed along side pieces by Robert Ashley, Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, Dan Deacon and Cory Archangel. It's not that new of a thing because we were both heavily exposed to it in college, and Sam does composition and has written for chamber music before. The Sophie B Hawkins video was setting the duration of the piece, so it's more of de facto score for the video.

DD: You're releasing your next project on vinyl, why and what do you think are the benefits of vinyl today?
Blondes: They are dance 12"s so, it kind of make sense to us to release them on vinyl, seeing as we're making something "DJ-able". Aside from sounding great, I think we both love that records are uh... objects that exist in space in the world. Also the graphics are going to look great, and I think will make for a really special object.

DD: What's the story behind Lover/Hater?

Lover/Hater will be available in select record stores worldwide on March 15