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Letherette Exclusive Mix

UK-based premier hip-hop duo make an exclusive mixtape of their favourite dreamy beats

Evoking the playfulness and warmth of the labels they listened to growing up, Letherette (aka Wolverhampton's Richard Roberts and Andy Harber) bound between sounds characteristic of Warp and Roule but do so with a metaphorical piña colada in their hands. Hip Hoppy at its most fundamental level, easy associations are there for the making - Madlib, Dilla and DJ Premier - they're all evident influences on the dreamy beats featured on their eponymous EP last year but what makes these lads any different? 'Absolutely nothing at all' as they humbly claim below, but we beg to differ. Cue an X-Factor-like back story of meeting on the first day of school at 11, going to college together and, in 2003 forming Letherette, we hope the guys stay 'best fwends forever' in the name of more top-notch music to come.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
Absolutely nothing at all.

 ...your worst vice?
Rich: Tea! It's unhealthy how much of my happiness depends on it.

…the story behind your name?
The name letherette came after a few tracks had been recorded back in 2003. It fitted in to our idea of the style behind the music.

... your favourite sound?
Andy: The sound of a busy pub.
Rich: A crackling log fire.

... good for breakfast?
Rich: Ideally, A full English breakfast! Bacon, sausage, egg, tomatoes, beans, toast, mushrooms and a huge mug of tea with one sugar. Then back to bed.
Andy: Hotdogs or Crumpets with honey the top of your shit list?
Rich: At the moment, huge bank overdraft charges making me a lot poorer than I should be.
Andy: Royal Mail! They lost my passport recently and i missed out on doing a gig with Rich and Andrew Meza in Vienna because of it.

...are you listening to now?
We were lucky enough to get an early copy of Bibio's new album recently. Its incredible.

...the plan for 2011?
Would love to be in a position where we could quit our day jobs and do music full time. We want to release a lot more Letherette this year too. we're sitting on a huge amount of unreleased material.

How would you describe your work?


1. Ilya Santana - Transborder (Letherette Remix)
2. Dam Funk - Toeachizowm (D-F's Theme)
3. Prince - I Feel For You
4. Minnie Riperton - Whenever, Wherever
5. Toto - Georgy Porgy
6. Letherette - Star
7. White Lies - The Power & The Glory (Bibio Remix)
8. Letherette - Dancing Nobody