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Darabi on Clouded Vision Records

The new record label from London DJ Matt Walsh releases their first EP from Parisian producers Darabi

Parisian-based tech-house duo Darabi aka Philippe and Dang Khoa's love of 'gangster basslines and disco irreverence' led to their inception catching the attention of the highly rated underground label Get the Curse's team. Their new EP Truckin' released by one half of Clouded Vision, Matt Walsh on the new eponymous label, features deep sounds and clean productions alongside remixes from Bozzwell and the Vision themselves, set for late nights in the city. Sharing fans with DJs like Ewan Pearson, Chloé, Michael Mayer, Joakim, Ivan Smagghe, the duo are already forming an intergral part of the new French underground.

...special about you?

One of us is the spitting image of The Egyptian Lover circa 1986. 

...are you brothers/somehow related? Has there ever been any rivalry between you musically?

Nope we are definity not related, but actually the question comes often this days. So white people, to be clear at last : the south hemisphere is NOT one great nation of brothers & sisters, even if Joe Smooth told you the opposite.

...your worst vice?

Eating organic cats.

... your favourite sound?

An analog synthesizer who's sounding like a mewing cat. 

...your worst fashion secret?

Man's purses and unisex leather handbags.

...your favourite website? (if it steel exists?) the top of your shit list?

Tweeting about home studios.

...are you listening to now?

Hot Creations's releases, Cosmetics, Velour, Rainbow Arabia, Clement Meyer's new EPs.

How would you describe your work?

Spaced out metallic sounding purified techno.

Darabi 'Truckin' is out now on Clouded Vision Music