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Dead Red Sun

The 'progressive rock' outfit tell us about their favourite breakfast and why they enjoy looking at pictures of Ross Kemp's face

Hailing from sunny New Cross, Dead Red Sun are a three-piece instrumental band used to infusing variations of guitar music from 'post' to 'math-rock', building heavy riffs on top of driving rhythms. Best known for their compelling live performances across the London scene since their formation just over a year ago, they've supported the likes of Pharaohs at nights like Clinic Presents and Fuck The Whiteboard. Alongside having collaborated with poets and artists for a night at Liverpool Biennial, their first single release ‘Facility’ is indicative insight to their first EP in the coming year.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
We're a sound engineer's best friend, thanks to a lack of vocals and equipment. But we still have a big sound.

 ...your worst vice?
Chilli heatwave Doritos - we always have them when we rehearse without fail.

…the story behind your name?
We had a serious Brian Cox binge a while ago. Also 'Sunshine' is one of our favourite films.

... your favourite sound?
That wet synth snare you get in loads of early nineties TV show themes.

 ...your worst fashion secret?
Mike used to have an outrageous waistcoat, Ollie accidentally died his hair ginger once...

 ...your favourite website? - it's just pictures of Ross Kemp's face folded in various ways

 ... good for breakfast?
Boring answer but fry-ups are king. Especially at Goldsmiths cafe in New cross.

 ... the best thing about South London?
Clinic Presents are a really great arts platform that put interesting nights on. the top of your shit list?
Our neighbours at 98.

...are you listening to now?
Mike: Warpaint, Weezer (Pinkerton)
Tom: Battles, Slipknot
Ollie: Fever Ray, Bill Withers

How would you describe your work?
We get described as post-rock frequently, being instrumental. Weirdly enough we don't listen to much post-rock, we only heard about Godspeed You! Black Emperor till recently. A friend said recently we were "post rock terrain, peppered with math, constructing disorientating contours" which we quite like. It's our live performances that describe us best. We are really looking forward to getting on with our first EP, but were just saving the pennies first! For now you can check out 'Facility' which is on our myspace.