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Beataucue Exclusive Mix

The typically French electro duo share their latest mix with Dazed featuring Afrojack, Chromeo and Zombie Nation

Beataucue are French electronic duo Alex and Mederic who started making eclectic dance beats out of their bedrooms and are now played in clubs all over the world. Having remixed for the likes of pals Boys Noize, Brodinski & Noob and even Kylie Minogue, who is apparently hooked on their sound. Beataucue have released a selection of their disco-tastic tracks on the internet with support from the blogosphere and big name DJs like Crookers and Armand Van Helden. 

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Hum... Maybe that we come from Caen in Normandy ?

...your worst vice?
Maybe being perfectionists

…the story behind your name?
It was just a joke at the beginning, a mix between DJ vocabulary and an obscene thing in French...

...your worst fashion secret?
A Penguin T-shirt

 ... good for breakfast?

 Camembert, a cheese from Normandy...

 ... the best thing about where you're from?
 Camembert too the top of your shit list?
Giga Pudding.

 ...are you listening to now?
The new Ke$ha Album

 ...How would you describe your work?
Funny and noisy.


Afrojack - BubbleGum
Big Sean - Bullshittin' (Tony Senghore remix)
Hobo - Berlin Booty
Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (Zombie Nation remix)
Mellefresh - Sex Slave (Make Me Make That Sound mix)
Fenech Soler - Demons (Plump DJs remix)
BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (High Rankin remix)
Toddla T & Roska - Cowboi
Massimo Massivi - Hands Up
Deadmau5 - Everything Before
Depressed Buttons - Ow! (BeatauCue remix)
Kill the Noise & Feed Me - Muscle Rollers
Mason - Froghopper
Chromeo ft Elly jackson - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce remix)
The Japanese Popstars - Song for Lisa (Benny Benassi remix