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Dazed January 2011 Playlist

Beat the January gloom with our new Tim Noakes playlist, featuring future classics from Beth Ditto, Creep, Gruff Rhys, The Weekend and many more!

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First of all I just want to say thanks to everyone who took the time to check out our epic Top 100 of 2010 playlist. We've had over 25,000 plays so far which is absolutely amazing, so thank you! I'd also to thank my wife and parents for their continued support, and my cat Smudge... oops, thought I was at the BAFTAs for a minute there. Sorry. Back to business. When 2011 started a few weeks ago I thought it would take a few months for labels to get into the swing of things, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In my opinion, this month's selection is full of certified future classics, from Gruff Rhys's beautiful "Shark Ridden Waters" and Beth Ditto's euphoric solo debut to Creep's amazing collaboration with Romy XX, and the effortlessly sexy "What You Need" by mysterious Montreal pop crew The Weeknd. If 2011 continues at this pace, by next Christmas choosing a top 100 is going to be impossible! We hope you enjoy the tunes, and here's to another amazing year of new music!

Artwork by Malin Rosenqvist