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Bo Ningen: Gasmask Video Premiere

The wild-haired psychedelic rock outfit from another dimension exclusively unveil their latest sonic masterpiece

Bo Ningen are an insanely talented Japanese four-piece who look as though they crawled out of some pit of hell in The Ring brandishing guitars and very, very long hair. Intense, androgynous, visceral and genuinely unlike anything you have ever heard before, this surrealist performance-art-cum-metal-cum-rock'n'roll-cum-noise-cum-fucking-sci-fi outfit channel everything from King Crimson, Amon Duul, Boredoms, Steppenwolf and Igor Stravinsky into a car-crash of untamed sonic abandon (watching Bo Ningen commune onstage is a little like watching people who dropped in on their way back from outer-space in the middle of a mystical feedback-drenched trance that veers wildly across genres like an out of control Landspeeder).

The four musicians all quit their previous bands to come together feeling a powerful connection to each other, and a shared appreciation for a mind-bending artistic aesthetic. "I wrote my dissertation on the history of art and music," explains guitar-slinging underground noise merchant Kohi. “Surrealism is the one movement that brings the two together, and I think that's something we all share, maybe the one thing we all share..." One might imagine that these are four guys who spend a lot of their spare time wigging out on nefarious substances but you would be wrong: Bo Ningen are keen-minded straight-edgers whose vices don’t go much further than watching El Topo and downing the occasional bottle of Asahi, which only adds to their otherworldly strangeness. "Some people have to be on drugs to transcend," says singer Naigen. "You don't need drugs though, surrealism can connect you to everything, and everything – really everything – is psychedelic.” 

Their Can-esque latest single "Gasmask" is certainly acid-drenched and is something of a departure for the band, illustrating their excellent musicianship and ability to craft classically beautiful songs (well, until it goes totally psycho-nuts at the end). When they called us up and offered to premiere the video for the track with us we jumped at the chance, and decided to ask them to share a few of their favourite things into the bargain:

Can you recommend...

…a new band?
Chrome Hoof.

…three old bands?
Faust, Harmonia, and Les Rallizes Denudes.

…a record label?
Holy Mountain.

...a website?

…a film?
Emperor Tomato Ketchup.

…a book?
Camera Lucida.

…something on YouTube?
Schaf - NOISE

…something to do on a day off?
Playing with our cats.

…a song everyone should hear?
Koroshitai Kimochi