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The Bees' Winter Rose Video Premiere

Back with their fourth album this year, iconic noughties band The Bees bring fresh pop melodies and buzzing tracks for 2010

Having supported the likes of Oasis, and the Madness back in the day, The Bees have so far released three albums, Sunshine Hit MeFree the Bees recorded at Abbey Road Studios and 2007's Octopus since they started. Ten years on since their first album, the band released their fourth album, Every Step's A Yes this October, with more grown up lyrics and songwriting whilst the new single features remixes by New York-based electronic producer Nicolas Jaar, DFA's Tim Goldsworthy and Dan the Automator. We present the new video for their new track, 'Winter Rose'.

Dazed Digital: Having made 4 albums, what do you think has been the biggest difference between them? 
The Bees: The first album was instinctive we didn't think about it we just did it (in a shed). With the second we gained confidence and tried different things, manly from our experience on the road. We built up the sound of The Bees from a whole new bunch of influences, it was amazing to record as we did this in Studio 2 at Abbey Road. The third album was a blend of the first two, we made it and built our home studio all at the same time. We learnt loads about production and how to get a 2" reel to reel to work and ventured into even more corners of the musical atlas.  'Every Step's a Yes' is the grown up The Bees. We're nearly ten years old as a band now, I'd say more skill, more beautiful lyrics and more feeling in performance is the subtle difference between them all. 

DD: What's the story behind your new single, Winter Rose and its video?
The Bees: It's a winter love song - something new for the bees as we're famed for summer loving music. Sonically and creatively it could of easily been on the first album. We like that about it, it was refreshing to notice that we could still make music like we did when we first started. Tim Watkins came up with the idea of using the dancing girls from  'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' section from 'Yellow Submarine' as an inspiration. He got his partner Jess to dance around his front room and traced her, she's become Rose, she's created the Winter Rose dance. We love Tims art, he's done all our covers and been involved with most of our video's since our second record.

DD: What do you think of the remixes by Nicolas Jaar and Tim Goldsworthy? Do you like what they've done with the track?
The Bees: We really love them. Nico is a lovely guy, his music and his mix of Winter Rose create a tense and at the same time a joyful vibe. He's captured the spirit of the track beautifully. It makes you listen even more. Tim's mix is also dope, apparently he got his family in on the sessions. He hits a mean kit and the synth workout is rockin. It's great to hear the song taken to two completely different areas, and also they both really rated the song before they got to work on it. We're heavily into electronic music and its great to get this across with these mixes. 

DD: If you weren't doing music now, what would you be doing?
The Bees:  I don't know. I went to Winchester School of Art because I think Brian Eno went there, I thought I was going to be a printmaker. I graduated and formed The Bees with Paul. I suppose it would  have been something creative, there's nothing else possible. I'm heavily into collecting prints, I would certainly be doing something in that world.  

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
The Bees: 'Every Step's A Yes' only came out a few months ago. I'm looking forward to seeing if it manages to snowball and capture a wider audience. I believe we grew from word of mouth, I'm looking forward to seeing over time if this record captures peoples hearts.

The Bees' 'Every step's a Yes' is out now