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Man Like Me Aren't Your Usual Vapid Self-Publicists

The Camden indie trio take a grumpy view of their burgeoning underground fame.

In a time when the ego is king among burgeoning bands, Man Like Me is a breath of fresh air. “I don’t care if people don’t know who we are and mistake us for guys who work in the cinema," deadpans Johnny Langer, lead singer of the Camden Town three-piece. "I don’t think we’re all that different to anyone else anyway so I don’t know why people would remember us. My only goal is to earn enough money to buy a house."

Judging by the reaction to their Catherine Tate-like lyrics and underground credibility, their nihilistic act looks set to assassinate the great swathes of MTV-endorsed puppetry in the coming months. “Maybe, I dunno. I don’t know if we can compete with the Amy’s and Christina’s out there. We're just a few Brits messing about, keeping it real." So would you describe yourself as a typical British band in the way you sound and look? “Yes we would,” Johnny answers unexpectedly. So you’re one of those ‘boybands that aren’t boybands, like The Kooks? “Probably. I think you have to be because the whole Boyzone, Blur, Five thing is too close to memory,” he concludes, straight-faced.  

Making waves at the Glastonbury soundstage, with hoodied soap dodgers lighting many a Bic, chanting their sophomore hit "Carny" word for word, it seems that Man Like Me are set for bigger things than Myspace and blog buzz. “Fame’s like Eastenders or Emmerdale, in’t it? You know what I mean? It’s not real. It’s nice to go to Glastonbury and perform alongside bands like Golden Silvers and The Metros, but at the end of the day I’m not part of the scene. I don’t even know what lo-fi means for Christ’s sake. Everything’s ‘lo-fi’ these days. I’m just a guy making music who listens to 'Bleeding Love', whose influence is his dad.” So an impending mega-status won’t make the boys fame conscious? “We’re realistic. We’ve already peaked. We’re never gonna be Heat’s torsos of the week or anything.”

Man Like Me are currently on tour with their debut album Oh My Gosh, and have just recorded a song about Marcel Duchamp for Tate Modern’s Tate Tracks project.