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Maya Jane Coles

The fearless producer/label-owner shifts the boundaries of genres in electronic music

With her new EP out next January on Mobilee, 'Beat Faster', London-based, half-Japanese producer Maya Jane Coles has been breeding tech-house with emotive electronic sounds after being inspired by hitting nights out like Secretsundaze and Mulletover. Having released on Alex Jones' Hypercolour and Dogmatik, 23-year-old Coles fears no boundaries in music, attempting to take on all genres with a current focus on groove-heavy house with a subtle use of vocal samples such as her 'Simple Things' release on Parisian label Real Tone.


...special about you, then?

My ability to fly and turn back time... Oh if you're talking about my music, I guess just that my mind is always open and I'm always up for taking on any genre.

...your worst vice?

Staying up all night making music and then suddenly realising that it's 10am and I should have already gone to bed, had my sleep and woken up again? 

... your favourite sound?

Gooood music. Obviously.

...the best thing about where you're from?

The diversity - all the different niche scenes and sub cultures. And being free to be yourself.

...your worst fashion secret?

Anything I used to wear when I was 12/13 was pretty bad I'd say.

... good for breakfast?

Miso soup in Winter. Yum yum. the top of your shit list?

People who take advantage of others.

...are you listening to now?

Recently I've been absolutely rinsing Warpaint's album 'The Fool'. Best album I've heard for a while. Right this second though, I'm listening to the builders drilling outside and my ears ringing.

...are you most looking forward to next?

I'm really looking forward to unleashing my album to the world. It's very personal music and might not be what people are expecting but I can't wait to get it finished and out there. For me it's my most exciting project to date.

How would you describe your work?

I like to mix up a lot of different styles and sounds and don't like to set boundaries for myself. My music can go in any direction, and what comes out is purely from the soul.