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Francis Inferno Orchestra

Crafting deep disco edits of pure class, the Melbourne-based producer brings his lush sounds to the likes of Wolf Music and Under The Shade

The fine craft of sampling or editing old disco tracks into dancefloor-functional edits for today has often been underestimated. Those who do it well such as the likes of the elusive Tiger & Woods, Tornado Wallace and Eddie C have been at the top of the wave of producers, whilst Melbourne's up and coming Francis Inferno Orchestra aka Griffin James is making a name for himself blending in extra groove, energetic claps, slap-bass and melodic funk. Far from just 'sticking a kickdrum on it', the result of his music is a smooth form of deep house, packing a punch with tracks like Me & You, and Meet Me In Salt Lake City remixed by Soul Clap and Eddie C. Having gracing labels like Under The Shade and Wolf Music, expect more from FIO to set your ears on fire.

Q & A
WHAT'S… special about you, then?

My ravishing good looks.

...your worst vice?

Might need to rephrase this one haha.

…the story behind your name?

At the time of thinking about a name I was noticing a lot of the disco acts that were inspiring me, had these ridiculously long over the top names, the kind of name that pops at you and says "bam! We are an extravagant disco band!"

... your favourite sound?

The husky New York basement jazz sound, I have this record at home by this saxophonist, which is is so seamless you can barely tell when one song is finished, I could listen to this album over and over again.

...your worst fashion secret?

My brother shaved me a mohawk when I was 13, honestly I was going through a phase of liking Punk music.

... good for breakfast?

A banana smoothie with raspberries yogurt and mango. the top of your shit list?

 I heard this genre recently, It could be worldwide but it's still pretty unheard of as far as I know and I hope it stays that way, Its called moombahton or something, and its the most horrible sound ever invented.

...are you listening to now?

The new Lone album, it's absolutely fantastic.

How would you describe your work?

A mixture of moods, I don't stick to one thing so I try express different styles and emotions a lot. I love a classic 90s house drum beat so I love putting them in no matter what the context it, mostly feel good stuff.