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LCMDF (=Le Corps Mince De Francoise)

The Helsinki-based duo might have dropped a band member and loads of letters in their name but they kept the pulsating electro-pop sound

In 2007, Finnish band Le Corps Mince De Francoise found fame as a three-piece on the Helsinki club scene. They set the blogosphere alight, outranking Kanye West on Hype Machine, which is not bad for three girls without an LP. Now, three years later, they’ve dropped a member and heavily shortened their name. All that remains are the two sisters, Emma and Mia Kemppainen. What they offer is vibrant, pulsating electro-pop which mask destructive lyrics that tell a story of frustration (‘Can I afford this?’ and ‘slowly I’ll be rewarded’). Now putting the finishing touches to their debut album, ‘Love & Nature’, we caught up with them to find out about the hype.

Dazed Digital: Can you describe your sound?
We write simple pop tunes with a trippy edge. Every song has a strong hook.

DD: Why did you call the album ‘Love & Nature’?
‘Love & Nature’ was the project name for the album for a long time, and then we just decided to keep it. It describes the album quite well.

DD: What were your main inspirations when putting the record together?
Nineties pop, Hip Hop and the Madchester sound: tunes from our childhood.

DD: I’ve read that your band name was originally an ode to your late, anorexic cat?
I've heard that one too. The name translates from French as 'the skinny body of Francoise'. It refers to Alex James from Blur and his relation to Francoise Hardy and smelly cheese. If it's too smelly to eat, you'll end up starving.

DD: Why the downsize in personnel and moniker?
We used to have a third member of the band, Malin, but the music world wasn't really her thing. So it was a natural choice for her to leave the band and do other things. The name is long and quite confusing to many and as we grew older, and our lives easier, we wanted the name to slim down. LCMDF is much more concise.

DD: Has the name change given you a broader freedom to change your sound?
I think the sound and the vibes changed and we just needed something to describe the beginning of a new era. The name change was one of those things.

DD: What do you write about?
Our lives. 

DD: What’s next for you?
We are looking forward to touring heavily in Europe as the album comes out on February 21st. When we have time we'll travel to the sun and start writing the next album.