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Photo by Elizabeth Eckland

Pictureplane at Transparent x Merok

Four of London's finest record labels invite the likes of Pictureplane and Darkstar to the launch of their new monthly night, Fantasy on Repeat this Friday

A holy conjunction of some of London's best independent record labels will be joining forces this Friday in Hoxton central. Transparent who have released the likes of Washed Out, Yuck, and Perfume Genius, will be playing alongside the Merok crew, Tri Angle Records and Young Turks - inviting the likes of Pictureplane, Hyperdub's Darkstar and C Powers to get behind the decks. Called Fantasy On Repeat, the night will be the first of a monthly forward-thinking dance party dedicated to weird but ultimately fun dance music at the interesting choice of Charlie Wright's International Jazz Bar on Pitfield Street, Hoxton. 

Dazed speak to the 24-year-old 'weirdo-performance-artist' Pictureplane, set to play his unique breed of cosmic 90s house at the event this week, after his tour with HEALTH, collaborating with Beirut's Zach Condon, and going on remix duties for Crystal Castles and Thieves Like Us.

Dazed Digital: What can we expect from your set this Friday?
Pictureplane: Colours, feelings, moods and creation of physical matter.

DD: If you could only listen to one song over and over again, what would your fantasy on repeat be?
That actually sounds like a living hell to me, like being sentenced to an eternity of only one song. Not really my idea of a good time. But all of 2008 I was more than obsessed with Madonna's song "Holiday." I made a lot of art about it and would listen to it on repeat a lot. There is a video on YouTube of me doing a performance piece to it in an art museum. It was pretty fucked up how much I listened to that song.

DD: How would you describe your sound in a sentence?
Pictureplane: Not Witch House 

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
My tour of the west coast (USA) with Teengirl Fantasy in January and the release of my new record in Spring 2011. Get ready. Love. 

Fantasy on Repeat - Friday December 3rd 2010 at Charlie Wright's International Jazz Bar, Pitfield Street, London N1 6DA. Pictureplane's "Darft Rift" CD/mp3 is out now on Lovepump United.