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Interpol Recommends

The New York three-piece, live in London tonight with their epic and larger-than-life sound, talk us through a few of the best things in life

Interpol, masters of spine curling goose bump rock, recently lost a member and became a trio. Of course, it wasn't just any member, but the charismatic bass player Carlos D. But the band, with its new and eponymous album, has quickly killed off any rumours that the  band is worse off since the defection. Instead, Interpol-the-album is a forceful continuation of the dark yet warm sound that the New York band has been making since the 2002 debut, 'Turn On The Bright Lights'. Now on a world tour, Interpol tonight plays London and Dazed took the opportunity to ask drummer Sam Fogarino one or two things about his personal likings when it comes to pop, culture and pop culture.

Can you tell us...

…three new bands?
Don't know just how "new" a couple of these bands are, but they're new to me, and quite good too.

Soft Moon, Weekend, Twin Tigers

…three old bands?

Very hard to pick only 3, but here's my (random) picks de jour  - Jesus Lizard, Lush, Sugar.

…a record label?


…a website?

For the love of the visual.

…a film?

Kissed - starring the angelic Molly Parker, Directed by Lynne Stopkewich: "Over the years, a child's romantic ideals about death blossom into necrophilia, the study of embalming and the most profound relationship of her life."

…a book?

The Butcher - by Philp Carlo
"Tommy "Karate" Pitera was not like other mafiosi. Remorseless and deadly, Pitera took human lives as if he had a God-given right, while at the same time dealing high-grade Sicilian heroin and South American cocaine. Offering the first-ever look at the life and crimes of Tommy "Karate" Pitera, New York Times bestselling author Philip Carlo exposes the man behind some of the most horrific murders in Mafia history and the heroic investigator who brought him down."

…something on YouTube?

You know, I get utterly overwhelmed when I visit YouTube, and invariably default to viewing old footage of
David Bowie..... Recently, I've been reading up on Forensic Pathology, and came across a branch of a Uni in
Tennessee called The Body Farm. Key that in on YouTube..... if your not too squeamish.

…a radio show?

I'm not much of a radio listener, however, KEXP radio, out of Seattle, WA., is a great station with many well hosted shows. One can even download an App for the iPhone.

…something to do on a day off?

I don't know what a "day off" is.

…a song everyone should hear?

"Spring Hall Convert" - Deerhunter


Interpol is playing Brixton Academy tonight, more info on the tour HERE