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LuckyMe's Luckiest Tracks

LuckyMe label head honchos Dom Sum and Fineart re-live 2010 with the 10 tracks that shaped their breakthrough year

The upcoming LuckyMe-on-tour weekender takes the collective from London to Manchester to Edinburgh, culminating in a Glasgow Sub Club Sunday night climax. Whilst we all try to imagine the hyphy fueled, based lunacy of Lunice, Cubic Zircona, Mike Slott, Optimum and Kingdom crunking out on British Rail as label head honchos Dom Sum and Martyn Fineart hide the per diems, cast your mind back to the beginning of the year when Lunice first appeared on Dazed Digital, Mike Slott had just released his haunting EP and the American Men record was about to get pressed. Well, that all happened and much, much more - anyone with us at Sonar? Dazed Digital crushed heads with Dom and Fineart about futures past, unreleased Hudson Mo and The Dream. If you can’t get to the shows, get with the UStream of Lunice's Stacker Upper release / house party on Sunday.

American Men - Cool World

“I'll never forget the mastering for this record. Myself, Claude Speed and Hud Mo went down to find gold disks hanging on the wall from Total Recall OST to Boys 2 Men Christmas records. The whole thing was just so surreal. Here we were with Ludacris and Kanye laquers around our feet, working on an unashamedly midi post-post-rock record. I guess we knew it was going to be a good year.”

Machinedrum - Carry The Weight

“So this year we got to put out music by an artist who definitely influenced the label when we were all still fans and nerds. So with a view to getting this guy his just desserts as one of the true pioneers taking electronica in hip hop and on into dance / bass music, we chose tracks (for the record) that told the whole story. This one’s a hypnotic song, mutating over its four minutes, textured with Travis' own naive and honest singing. Unlike a lot of electronic music, you can't separate the person from this track. This song just is Travis to me.”

Dipset - Salute

“I'm an enormous Dipset fan. I was so psyched when this dropped in the summer. Hard as hell production by Araaab Muzik, gabba samples, a chorus that everyone keeps getting the words wrong to (duh). I opened pretty much every set with this, until we got to NYC and Lunice dropped it as his last tune before we went on. Of course it took the roof off and left us searching hurriedly for a plan B. Love you Lunice. Damn you Lunice.”

The Blessings - Moranis Riding Ants

“So I got dumped in January and was pretty down but we had to get our Galaxy High record made and it's just not our style to make something morose. So the studio became a little haven of euphoria for me. We started this together by stretching out a gospel house sample. I think it sums up the tone of that time being definitely sad and nostalgic but edged with all the optimism 2010 was promising.”

Jacques Greene - Holdin' On

“It didn't ever occur to me that I actually knew, drunk and had gigged with this dude. I mean, what are the chances. So when I found out who Jacques was I jumped on his demo. I ate it up. We've really crafted The Look 12" (out Nov 29th on LuckyMe) and the follow up projects to be an appropriate launch because like, at only just 21-years-old and making house music this legit - we really see a bright future for him.” 

The Dream - Yamaha

“There’s a tiny cocktail bar in Edinburgh called Bramble that about 75% of the LuckyMe roster have a monthly residency at. It always seems dipped in opulent 80’s synth jams and sophisticated RnB. Something like Yamaha sounds great at home, but to hear a room full of beautiful drunk girls requesting it and singing along to every word every weekend makes a whole lot more sense. Huge tune all summer and sets up I Would Die 4 U nicely. Nah mean? 

S-Type - You Da Best

“I don’t even know if the copy we play of this is in anyway finished. S-Type is one of the new generation of Scottish producers who has taken his A-game direct to the source and is all over mixtapes right now. This is  big-room mob music, the Karate Kid theme amped up 100%.”

Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay

“Is it coming out? When's it coming out ? Even though we've been better positioned than most to hear new Hud Mo, I’m constantly blown away. Thunder Bay is no exception and I’ve watched him drop this all over the world, each time getting a more ridiculous response than before. Probably the most asked about tune this year. Stop emailing me guys (always guys) relax.”

Girl Unit - Wut 

“We were given an unmastered 320 of this at the start of the Summer and I'll never forget Eclair Fifi dropping it from our Sonar stage. It's probably the anthem of the year on the best new dance label. Girl Unit meant 2010 wasn't just about dubstep becoming pop or the underground being sawtooth house and funky - but offering these smart, anthemic snap beats in clubs.” 

John Computer - There's No Better Love

“I really can't say much about this yet but I just got sent this premaster. It's become an anthem to us at LM but we are not playing it out or sharing it yet. Needless to say when you hear this track in 2011 it'll crush you.”

LuckyMe family (in various guises) play London’s Plan B Friday 26th, Manchester’s Roadhouse Saturday 27th and Glasgow’s Sub Cub Sunday 28th November. London tickets available here.