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Culprit Records

LA's electronic trio Droog present the new release on their niche label from Birmingham's Subb-an

Releasing a string of admirable deep house gems from the likes of supergroup (Soul Clap and Mothership crew) SECT, Matt Tolfrey & Inxec is Droog's award-winning label Culprit from LA. The trio Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe behind the label's own productions play with elements of deep house to techno, having made mixes for the likes of French superblog Get The Curse and being featured on RA's Mix of the Day. The first label to release Hot Natured and SECT, their new release comes from UK-based dub techno/electronic producer Subb-anWhat I Do’, before seeing EPs from Lee Curtiss and one half of Hot Natured, Lee Foss.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
We throw great parties, run a wicked young record label, have immense DJ talent and personal charisma... the question should be what's NOT special about us?

...your worst vice?     
Lack of modesty, obviously. But we turn all our vices to virtue. 

…the story behind your name?   
We wanted to be clever and appear cultured and educated, all that malarkey... hence the reference to Anthony Burgess' "Clockwork Orange" where the gang of friends who cause all sorts of nihilistic havoc are called Droogies. Which incidentally means "friends" in Russkie... which is less clever.

... your favourite sound?  
Warm fucking bass, please.

...your worst fashion secret?   
Can't tell you - it's a secret, isn't it?   

...your favourite website?  
Nothing beats the amazing after-after-hour Youtube DJ sets. Youtube is revolutionary.

... good for breakfast?         
Coffee and loud music. Or beer, lots of it. the top of your shit list?     
Shit dance music, shit films, shit politics... just have no time for shit. Lady Gaga is all right, though... no, not really.

...are you listening to now?     
To the sound of Los Angeles traffic - most common sound you hear in LA, surely. Gary Numan too, at least one of us is always listening to Gary Numan at any given time. Fact.

How would you describe your work?    
Frustrating but rewarding. And only we can do it well.

Subb-an's 'What I Do' is out on Culprit on 20 December 2010.