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Bomb Zombies

Low End Theory’s resident DJ Nobody and MC Nocando come together to create “music for brothels”

Booming out of the Los Angeles underground and now making colossal rumbles around the world is Low End Theory, the weekly beat jam hosted by Alpha Pup’s Daddy Kev. The list of producers and DJs that have emerged, clawing of this sweat box is immense, from Flying Lotus to Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing to Free The Robots, and with a residents line up that boasts the aforementioned Gaslamp, D-Styles, Nobody, Daddy Kev and MC Nocando. Now Nobody and Nocando have collaborated on the Bomb Zombies project, a slightly more salacious sonic invasion that the duo describe as: “underground rap your lady can dance to... burn your backpack rap” and “music for brothels.” Check out their “Sincerely Yours EP”. Dirty, dirty beats.



...Low End Theory?

Nobody: LA weed and LA kids making LA beats.
Nocando: It's the LA beat scene boys club but it has many communities that meet there, whether to get up on new music, politic or party. special about you, then? 

Nobody: My beat, my beats, my beats!
Nocando: I'm the best rapper on the West yet I'm a really nice guy.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?

Nocando: My father told me on his death bed that cool guys sell cars and nerds by them. My dad sold cars.

...better, dusk or dawn?

Nocando: Depends on the activity, though most of my faves are done at dawn.

…your favourite spot to hide away in LA?

Nobody: My apartment.
Nocando: Little Belize in Inglewood.

...your favourite piece of clothing? 

Nobody: Black bell bottoms.
Nocando: This American flag rag I bought in Osaka.

...the world coming to? 

Nobody: Los Angeles. Mr. Oizo just moved here.
Nocando: Deez nutz.

...the name of your hero? 

Nobody: Mr. Furley on Three’s Company.
Nocando: Kenji from Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys. special about your hero? 

Nobody: Style and humour. Plus a fiend with the ladies.
Nocando: He was a young man with dreams of being a rock star that never happened. He ended up doing something more important that he never dreamed of. Just read the series and he'll be your hero too.

...your worst fashion secret?

Nobody: I hate shoes.

...this future going to bring?

Nocando: More haters. More groupies. Cigarettes for breakfast and cliffside views of the Indian Ocean. the top of your shit list? 

Nobody: The Kings of Leon.
Nocando: I don't have a shit list but if I did it'd be Nobody for hacking my Facebook fan page and putting up an untrue and embarrassing comment. 

Have you still got love for the auto tune?

Nobody: So much love. I still have more to show her.
Nocando: I love it. Where the fuck has T-Pain been?! I'm serious.

How would you describe your work?

Nobody: Psychedelic beat music.
Nocando: What the fuck is work?