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Dazed November 2010 Playlist

Future music from OFWGKTA, Jamie XX, Les Sins, Former Ghosts, White Ring, and two French electro robots…

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p>With so much amazing new music in the latest issue of Dazed, it was really difficult choosing which song to start this month's playlist with. Against all the odds, I picked a short track from two underground French electro producers. They’ve just scored this small art house Sci Fi movie and, get this, like dressing up as robots. Crazy. There are also two tracks from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, an LA crew from the Larry Clark school of thought who rap about drugs, sex, death and skateboarding. If you intend playing this around small children, maybe skip past Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt’s contributions.

If you’re not, turn that shit up! Elsewhere we have dance floor jams from Young Montana, Les Sins, Starkey, Jamie XX and some spooky witch house from White Ring and Creep, who remix Baghdaddy’s “Hot Shit”. Even Chris DeBurgh makes a special appearance at the end courtesy of KGB Man. If you haven’t seen the video yet check it out. I was in a trance for three days after watching it, so be careful. Last but not least there’s a 12-minute epic from this issue's Cult VIP, DJ Screw, who sadly passed away ten years ago this month after drinking too much sizzurp. Fittingly it’s entitled “Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven?” As ever, we hope you enjoy the vibes. But stay away from the purple drank, okay?