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Dark Dark Dark

Minneapolis-based sextet contrast New Orleans jazz and Eastern European folk with Rihanna and "the sound a car makes when it falls off a cliff"

Multi-instrumentalists Nova Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount formed a kinship in their small corner of Minneapolis and gathered four other old-minded youth folk to "revel in the wonder that is around us always". Dark Dark Dark has evolved into a mini-orchestra juxtaposing loosely defined piano patterns, pauses and age-old instrumentation against meandering vocals and guitar reverb. The result is resigned, languid, sun burnt, sullen- a Southern slur that borrows as much from the vaudeville era as from Rihanna. Breakthrough album Wild Go is an apocalyptic story told over layers and visuals and textures and timbre. Recorded on analogue tape in a renovated church and old theatre, lyrics cite folklore and old wives tales. Maybe this is why they sometimes dress to "look accessible to older people".

WHAT'S… special about you, then?  
What do you mean? Have you heard us?  I can tell by your question
 you're not looking for the long and boring answer. Our music is truly
 personal, truly innovative, truly authentic, truly genuine, and true.

...your worst vice?
We are currently on a respite from our worst vices, and grateful for
 the time out.

…the story behind your name?
There were a lot of band names already. Trillions. There were a lot
 of band names with "Dark" or "Black" in them. We ended up with a
 contrived, sarcastic, and over-the-top name, to contrast our deeply
 personal music, or maybe to help us cope with our music.

...your favourite sound?
Aside from our new record, it would be Laurie Anderson, Rihanna,
 Elephant Micah, Arthur Russell, the sound an instrument case makes
 when you open it, the sound a car makes when it falls off a cliff, the
 sound that hundreds of match heads make when you ignite them in the
 hallway, the sound you make when you panic and realize you've made the
 wrong decision.

...your worst fashion secret?
Forever 21, American Apparel, H&M, all the secrets that everyone else has. Trying to look rich. Trying to look accessible to older people."

...your favourite website?

...good for breakfast?
Left-over spaghetti, cooked like pad Thai, with an egg, in a fry pan, 
with added salad greens or spinach, and renamed "spicy fried groodle" the top of your shit list?
Cell phone companies, promoters that don't promote, dudes that talk 
about chicks, landlords that say your apartment in Minnesota (arctic!)
is worth $900 when it has a gas heater from 1910 in the corner of one
far-away room, near the 100 mice and squirrels that also live with
you, anyone involved in any bureaucratic organization.

...are you listening to now?
Callers "Life of Love" on Western Vinyl in the US. Truly amazing
 record by truly great friends.

How would you describe your work?
Constant and and exploratory and persistent and inspired.


Dark Dark Dark Tour Dates:

19.11.10 - Bulle, Switzerland - Ebullition
23.11.10 - Newcastle, UK - Cluny
24.11.10 - Nottingham, UK - The Malt Cross
25.11.10 - Bracknell, UK - Southill Park
26.11.10 - Brighton, UK - Latest Music Bar
27.11.10 - St. Brieuc, France - "Soirée Prizunique", la Passerelle
28.11.10 - Exeter, UK - Phoenix
29.11.10 - Bristol, UK - Louisiana
30.11.10 - London, UK - Lexington
01.12.10 - Norwich, UK - Norwich Arts Centre