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Matthew Dear's Eastern Electrics

Beat master Dear and his latest album, 'Black City', signs up to the mother of all New Years Eve parties

New Years Eve sorted yet? Cancel it... Matthew Dear has just been announced as a headliner at this year’s Eastern Electrics – Back to the Tunnels. The annual bash, which will once again keep its venue a secret until the last minute, has now completed its full line up (with names like Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones and Instru:Mental) and it looks set to be the biggest yet. Securing Dear is quite the acquisition too; the pair have more in common than you might first think, with both sharing an exclusive status that comes with being an enigma.

Dear, rifles through styles and beats with a fluidity that is breathtaking, his back catalogue is so diverse that it is barely recognisable as a single body of work. We caught up with the man himself to find out how the reception has been to his third album, ‘Black City’, and to get his thoughts on headlining the Bloc room at the biggest NYE party in London.

Dazed Digital: How does it feel to be headlining the Bloc room at eastern electrics?
Matthew Dear:
It feels fantastic. I can't imagine the party being anything short of spectacular.

DD: What kind of set will you be bringing to ‘Back to the Tunnels’?
Matthew Dear:
I usually like to make a new song for New Year's Eve and debut it at the party.

DD: What’s your most memorable NYE?
Matthew Dear:
Clearly it will be this one. I've already forgotten about all the others.

DD: How have you found the reaction to ‘Black City’?
Matthew Dear:
I am grateful people have invested themselves so deeply into it.

DD: What are you working on at the minute?
Matthew Dear:
I'm currently touring with my band in America. Well be on our way to the UK in December.

DD: Anyone we should be keeping an eye on?
Matthew Dear:
STL has been making some wonderful music lately. I'm also keen on James Blake's recent output.

DD: You have an ever-growing and impressive CV – are there any genres you’re planning to move into in the future?
Matthew Dear:
I'll start a noise project and write music for films.