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Mystery Jets Re-Crafted

Rizla has invited bedroom musicians to remix an exclusive track from the pop band - the winner gets a Hercules DJ console, everyone else gets to party!

For their new ‘Re-Crafted’ project, rolling paper rapscallions Rizla have given bedroom producers everywhere the opportunity to download and remix an exclusive track from indie-dance poster boys Mystery Jets. The winning submission will earn the remixer a Hercules DJ console as well as their remix being sent out to Rizla’s extensive network of label and DJ contacts across the music industry. The winner will also receive a sack (yes, a sack) of Rizla goodies.

What about those of you out there that aren’t Ableton-able? Rizla have got you covered – there will be parties held in Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol and Birmingham, the line-ups for saif gigs include Mystery Jets (obviously), Fake Blood, MJ Cole, Drop The Lime, Jamie XX and Simian Mobile Disco. We spoke to Mystery Jets in advance of the events about Cuban cigars and kinckers, naturally...

Dazed Digital: You're taking part in the Rizla Re-Crafted event where people have the chance to remix an exclusive song of yours. If you could recraft one thing about yourselves, what would it be?
Mystery Jets:
I wouldn't want to change anything about the crazy journey we've been on for the past ten years. Maybe some of those glitter tops we wore were a little ridiculous but even those felt great at the time!

DD: Will Henry be loading up on Rizla goodies like everyone else?
Mystery Jets:
Does Rizla do cuban cigars? I'm sure Henry wouldn't mind chomping on one if they do...

DD: Whats the most peculiar freebie or gift from a fan you've ever recieved?
Mystery Jets:
Some of the gifts we've received from our Japanese fans have been pretty unusual; eel pies, a kimono and Mystery Jets Beer to name but a few... recently we've been getting increasing amounts of knickers thrown on stage, especially at Will (the new Tom Jones maybe?)

DD: You were on a track with The Count and Sinden not long ago - do you have any similar collaborations coming up?
Mystery Jets:
All the collaborations we've done in the past have been quite spontaneous and we don't have anything planned as yet for future ones.

DD: Who would be your ultimate 'and featuring...' be on a Mystery Jets track?
Mystery Jets:
I'd love to do a dirty heartbreak track featuring the late John Lee Hooker.

Rizla Re-Crafted comes to Birmingham on the 12th of November - More info HERE