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Tokyo's finest electronic duo emerge with their new album, continuing to merge different sounds, and music with art for their own unique brand of electronica

Born out of the art collective Tasha Hisha (iseneehihinee) in 2004, COS/MES developed a crossover style that connected various Tokyo scenes, from skateboarders to ravers, graffiti artists to film makers. Comprised of artists Flatic and 5ive, COS/MES, the cryptic DJ/production duo have been producing a mishmash of graceful electronic music with House, Balearic, and 'Cosmic Jazz' influences. Flatic is known for running his mix CD label Soundmore, specialising in left-field sounds, whilst 5ive collaborates with painter Mustone (also of the Tasha Hisha collective) alongside his side-projects Yendakadollyasu, Zamagi and Policeman. Blending the worlds of music and art, even the sleeve artwork is a stunning visual interpretation crafted by ESP Institute’s Mario Hugo.

What's so special about you, then?

Dig, Session & Edit

What's your worst vice?

Can't give up smoking.

What's the story behind your name?

The crystallisation of sound.

What's your favourite sound?

A good song.

What's your favourite website?


What's at the top of your shit list?

The Eco Boom

What's are you listening to now?

k404(Traks Boys) 09 - 2010 - SEPTEMBER MIX

What's the best thing about where you live?

Mixed Big city T.O.K.Y.O

How would you describe your work?

Dig, Session & Edit (part 2)?