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Halloween Thrills: Zombie Nation

The producer tells us about his favourite Halloween treats ahead of his new single Squeak/Overshoot

Having hit the mainstream with his 90s chart dance floor track, Kernkraft 400 (remember that?), Florian Senfter better known as Zombie Nation has since been keeping busy with releases on Turbo Recordings, Cocoon and International Deejay Gigolo Recs. When he's not busy going berserk on the sequencers, he's one half of ZZT with Turbo boss Tiga making full on electro-tinged party techno layered with effects or producing as the infamous John Starlight. We speak to the zombie himself about what he'll be up to this Halloween and onwards.

Dazed Digital: How is it working with Tiga as part of ZZT? 
Zombie Nation: It's fun as you can hear in the songs, they really capture the vibe that's going on. First we jam around for a while, mostly in my studio in Munich, and then we go eat some Bavarian food like Schweinebraten, White Sausage or something like that. 

DD: What is your favourite zombie film?
Zombie Nation: Probably George Romero's Night of the Living Dead

DD: Do you feel any empathy for zombies or do you feel they are actually just greedy bastards?
Zombie Nation: Come on, they are way nicer than humans! I haven't heard of zombies killing animals or burning down forests to farm humans. Too sad that the only purpose they serve in movies is being cheap targets. Humans could gain from Zombie knowledge, like why we never need to go to the bathroom. I don't get why you think vampires are smart and cool and all that, and we zombies are looked down upon. It's not fair!

DD: Your interactive project where people could send in or vote for sounds and progression in your tracks was awesome.. will you be doing something like that again in future or was it too much of a headache?
Zombie Nation: Actually I've been planning it for a while, but I don't know exactly when it will happen. It will be a collaboration where everybody can be part of the result, just like last time. It'll be just as experimental, but a different approach. I can tell you more soon.

DD: What were your main inspirations behind the new EP?
Zombie Nation: Maybe these insane new speakers that I got in my studio? Haha. The inspiration comes from playing around with the toys in my studio. It's just happening. I mean you hope that it's happening, and then there it is! And if you think too much about it, or try to analyse it, the moment is already gone.

DD: How will you be celebrating this Halloween?
Zombie Nation: I will be eating your candies!

ZZT's catchy as hell ZZafrika on Turbo Rec and Zombie Nation's EP Squeak/Overshoot on UKW Records are out now