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Photos by Jan Kapitän

Barfod / Bjorke on Mirau

Tensnake's label sees a new release from Danish producers and long-time pals, one of WhoMadeWho and Kasper Bjorke

The Copenhagen-based DJ tag team and hugely versatile production partners Tomas Barfod and Kasper Bjorke have been making music in a range of styles from Bjorke's 'Friendly Ghost' side techno/house project to his more vocal-based band music, whilst Barfod has been a key member of WhoMadeWho's hybrid of electronic disco seeing tours across the world. Not content with his side projects, the ex-Tartelet Records co-founder has collaborated with Bjorke (who in turn runs the Fake Diamond label) to create the dancefloor monster Superbacon. Named in homage to Denmark's biggest export besides Carlsberg, the new EP its Cauliflower b-side and remix from Runaway on the infamous Tensnake's Hamburg-based Mirau Records takes on a new sound altogether, with a big room techno feel.



...special about you guys?
Tomas & Kasper: We are both extremely skilled in the studio and pretty looking at the same time... And we've worked together for a decade, so there is a huge mutual understanding for each other's sometimes special behaviour.

...your worst vice?
Tomas & Kasper: Our craving for food all the time, which means many, long eating breaks during a studio day..

... your favourite sound at the moment?
Tomas Barfod: The sound of a big city from an apartment on a high level with open windows.
Kasper Bjørke: The sound of someone taking a shower.

...your worst fashion secrets?
Tomas Barfod: 90 per cent of my clothes are free, yet I often do interviews about how I choose my clothes.
Kasper Bjørke: My underwear selection consists of ten pairs of worn out Ralph Lauren, that looks like old men's diapers. 

...your favourite website?
Tomas Barfod: I don't know why, but I'm really into browsing on this holiday-apartment exchange site called Airbnb - the other day I found this British Imperial castle that had its own little island in Sri Lanka that was for rent... I like going to strange places to make music or chill.
Kasper Bjørke: I think I'm buying the "I found my fixie on Kriegslist" t-shirt. Or the "Eva 4 Eva"...

... good for breakfast? 
Tomas Barfod: Deep fried salmon-maki
Kasper Bjørke: Oatmeal with fresh fruit the top of your shit list?
Tomas & Kasper: Danish politics

...are you listening to now?
Right now:
Tomas Barfod: The Flamingos - I Only have Eyes for You
Kasper Bjørke: Murder - Aqueduct

In general:
Tomas Barfod: Luke Abott, Salem and Total 11.
Kasper Bjørke: Superpitcher, Permanent Vacation, Gold Panda

How would you describe your work?
Tomas & Kasper: in the positive weeks - world's best job - we travel, meet great people and have ultimate freedom - but when in a negative kind of mode - it feels shallow and like we are too old for going clubs and make people have fun...