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JD Samson's MEN

The Le Tigre member embarks on her new project for more disjointed synthy party jams

As an unplanned result of DJ duo/remix/production team of electro-punk band Le Tigre's JD Samson and Johanna Fateman and Samson's side project with Emily Roysdon, Michael O'Neill, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi called 'Hirsute' merging, MEN became the band's live structure as it is today: two guitars, programmed drums, synth and vocals. The Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective's songs are poppy, dancey, punk, psychedelic jams - such as debut single “Credit Card Babies” on Trouble Records, and second single “Off Our Backs” on IAMSOUND.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Hmm. Well that's an awkward question for me to answer because I guess I don't consider myself that much more special than any other human really. I am special because I have OCD about time and money. I am also special because I am really into volcanos. and I am also really interested in siamese twins, medical diagnosis, and neuropsychology. I am special because there is only one me and I am different than every other person on this planet. 

...your worst vice?
My worst vice is probably biting my nails, or being a workaholic. And sometimes I do them both at the same time which can be really hectic. I heard the other day that biting your nails actually makes you more stressed out. So that sucks. 

…the story behind your name?
Sadie Benning (ex-Le Tigre) named me Jeffrey Dahmer back in 1999. She thought my glasses looked like his and that was the whole reason she and everyone else began to call me Jeffrey. Then Le Tigre put out an EP and I was in the photo and everyone was like what name do you want to use and i guess we all decided on JD. That was it. Forever. 

...your worst fashion secret?
My worst fashion secret is that I wear short sport socks in the summer. I pretty much only wear white sport socks in general. I don't personally think it is a bad fashion decision but some people in my life claim that short socks are lame. so therefore I believe it must be at least 25% lame. 

...your favourite website?
Right now my bookmarks on my computer are: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, my booking agency website, the New York Times, Mother Jones, Hypemachine, and virtual keyboard. So I guess these are my favourite sites. But those are boring. Other than these sites i really like to research medical problems on web md. I also like to look at my bank websites and try to juggle my last 100 dollars from account to account. 

...are you listening to now?
I am listening to Warpaint. our finished record (finally). Midnight Magic. Love Committee. the top of your shit list?

How would you describe your work?
My work is punk from birth. Learned and perfected as a skill. There are fingerprints everywhere but also sharp lines and round holes. 

Is Le Tigre now on hiatus? And if so, why?
Le Tigre has been on hiatus for a long time actually. We decided to take a break, everyone kind of started their own projects and we have been working on those consistently ever since. We worked together on a track for Christina Aguilera as well as a live dvd that will be coming out early 2011. It is a pleasure working with Jo and Kathleen as always and who knows what will happen in the future. 

MEN are off on their UK tour this Autumn, their next single is ‘Off Our Backs’ is due out Nov 8th 2010.