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Joe Goddard & Raf Daddy Make 2 Bears

Greco-Roman Soundsystem's finest duo team up to make some unprecedented beats

Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard are 2 Bears. Sound familiar? They should do, Raf is DJ Raf Daddy: Ministry of Sound radio show host, label head and club promoter whilst Joe is a producer, solo artist and one fifth of Hot Chip. The two are also both members of the Greco-Roman Soundsystem collective and have now joined in an exclusive collaboration formed on a love of House. The name ‘2 Bears’ is an obvious nod towards the more follically endowed members of the gay community, whilst on another level, it takes into consideration the influence that said community had on House itself. We caught up with one of the bears, Raf Rundell, to find out more.

Dazed Digital: Why ‘2 Bears’?
Raf Rundell:
We are ursine enthusiasts. We also share certain physical traits with our friends in the woods.

DD: How did you come to form the collaboration?
Raf Rundell:
We spent many years playing and talking about music together. It seemed like a logical progression to start making tracks.

DD: Where do you take your influences?
Raf Rundell:
All over the place: Country ‘n’ Western; Techno; Reggae and Dancehall; Hip Hop; House music. Anywhere we can find a spirit of musical adventure.

DD: Can you explain the association with gay culture?
Raf Rundell:
It’s to do with the name, obviously; it’s not something we’ve cultivated. We have huge respect for the pioneers of House music and nightclubbing – some of them were gay. We have some gay friends but I think most people probably do.

DD:  What kind of stuff are you listening to at the minute?
Raf Rundell:
I’ve been listening to the new Eno album this morning and I was just sent a track by Gruff Rhyss, which is excellent. The footwork/jukin’ thing that’s getting very popular is good fun too. 

DD: What have you got planned in and outside of 2 Bears?
Raf Rundell
: The weather’s getting cold. We’re off to hibernate.