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Dollop: Falty DL

We speak to the genre-defying electronic producer before he plays the re-launch of dollop at Heaven this week

Having founded its roots six years ago in Nottingham booking innovative talent across all genres of music, promotors and party-throwers dollop have since established themselves as one of London's most essential clubnights. Now taking on Heaven; they will be hosting their new monthly residency in its central London location. For the launch of the new residence, Mercury Prize nominees The Invisible top the bill, alongside one half of Allez-Allez and Banjo Or Freakouts's project Walls also performing live. DJs Untold and Falty DL will be providing more experimental and electronic beats, whilst playing pure party music and 90s jams will be London's finest Work It DJs - and a carefully curated series of unannounced events and installations will add to the experiential quality of this unique residency. Set to play the new launch night for dollop at Heaven, Falty DL speaks to us beforehand about why he doesn't eat until he's nauseous and what to expect...

WHAT'S... special about you?

Nothing. That's an unproductive thought. 

...your worst vice?

Cigarettes.  They are killing me slowly. 

...the story behind your name?

My email as a 13 year old was I don't why i chose it, but I did. It stuck. 

... your favourite sound?

The crunch when you jump in Call of Duty from a great height and snap your knees. Also, jungle.

...your worst fashion secret?

I dress in drag often on Halloween. Very convincing. 

...your favourite website?


... good for breakfast?

Espresso and water. I find food slows me down in the morning. I try not to eat until i get nauseous. That's my body telling me it's time. the top of your shit list?

Bills. I hate bills. It's amazing how we need to spend so much money just to live. I hate that. 

...are you listening to now?

Nothing. But these days, promos and my mix downs. Working on an album, so i'm pretty far down my own rabbit hole. Unfortunate, because it's nice to hear other things. 

How would you describe your work?

Fast. My ethic is quick and sloppy. Get it done fast and leave a lot to chance. Hope for the best. Have a third party with good ears tell you weather or not its good. Break down your own ego so as not to be pissed off when they tell you it's shit. Much easier this way.

Dollop Launch In Heaven. The Invisible will be playing live with WALLS. DJ sets from Untold, Falty DL, Work IT, and Dollop. Wednesday 27th October 10PM - 3AM. £4 early tickets - Heaven, Under the Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG