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Mock & Toof Exclusive Mix

DFA's disco duo get down on a new mix for Dazed featuring the likes of Brian Eno to Lucky Dragons

Founding their musical grounding with 12" releases on DFA Recordings, Mock & Toof also running their own Tiny Sticks imprint, have since remixed the likes of Hot Chip, Zero 7 and Holy Ghost! who all recently called for their services. ‘Norman’s Eyes’, the off-kilter third single from their debut album ‘Tuning Echoes’ follows Permanent Vacation’s Pollyester on vocals on a disco adventure fusing leftfield, electronic sounds, and glorious pop, alongside reworks by Berlin's Prosumer's (Panorama Bar/Ostgut Ton) and Massimiliano Pagliara from Robert Johnson.

WHAT'S... special about you, then?

You'd have to ask our tens of fans. They know.

...your worst vice?

We are wholly prudent and virtuous, no vices here.

…the story behind your name?

I know it sounds far-fetched but after a little experimentation by running the Fibonacci sequence backwards on a Mobius band, extrapolating the data and then squaring it back by the golden ratio we came up with the name... or was it completely random words? I can't remember now.

... your favourite sound?

Can't beat the sound of a maze.

...your worst fashion secret?

The paisley boxer shorts my mum bought me down in maidstone market in '86. Actually, i’ve got them on now. They make a satisfying crunch with every step.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?

We had some truly rank porridge in helsinki recently. they told us it was cooked through the night with care. more like it was made by someone 'in care' who should never be allowed to handle salt. but, good for you apparently. the top of your shit list?

Have you ever played brown roulette? We had a tense game last night and the consequences are now top of the list.

...are you listening to now?


How would you describe your work?

A bit like music, made by men.


  1. Paul Lansky ‘Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song’ (Excerpt)
  2. Oval ‘Panorama’
  3. Balmorhea ‘Bowspirit’
  4. Lucky Dragons ‘Open Melody’
  5. Marvin Pontiac ‘Small Car’
  6. Brian Eno & David Byrne ‘Moonlight In Glory’
  7. Unknown

Mock and Toof release 'Norman's Eyes' out on Tiny Sticks on November 1st.