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Bicycle Film Festival: Metronomy & SBTRKT Downloads

The band will be opening the film, music and art festival alongside the likes of SBTRKT and Gallops

Produced by the Barbican in association with the Bicycle Film Festival and Eat Your Own Ears, a very special show for the opening night of the film festival’s 10th anniversary will be held on October 14th. Founded by Brendt Barbur after he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York, the festival was a result of his ambition to turn a negative experience into a positive one - so in 2001 Barbur started the project to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.

The first half of the show will feature Bicycle Film Festival shorts, projected on to the Barbican Hall screen with live DJ accompaniment from SBTRKT; whilst the second half will feature the Barbican debut of electro-pop mavericks Metronomy, who will perform with their own bespoke film projection and light show. Bike-related activities will be in abundance in the Barbican foyers, including a Pret A Rouler fashion show, Rimski’s Piano, WAH Nails Salon offering exclusive 'hi-vis nail varnish' designed for cyclists, cycle-powered drinks machines, Mitsuhiro Aita's cycle-house and much more. And the evening will be opened by artist Gavin Turk who's bringing his latest project, 'Les Bikes du Bois Rond' (a fleet of 20 specially designed and painted bicycles) to the Barbican with a team of artists and cycling celebrities on board. We speak to Joe Mount of Metronomy before he plays the festival alongside the electronic producer SBTRKT and the hotly-tipped Gallops.

The tracks 'What Do I Do Now' by Metronomy, 'Hide or Seek' and 'When Doves Strike' by SBTRKT are available for download here.

Dazed Digital: Your songs often sound very jaunty with unusual sounds, how would you describe your work?
Joe Mount: 'The only emotional outlet available to Joseph Mount'. The lesser part of me sometimes gets frustrated when it's described as Jaunty, but that is the lesser part of me. Jaunty with unusual sounds about does it.

DD: Are you still touring with the funny lights on your bellies? Did they ever get really hot and annoy you?
Joe Mount:
They actually sit above our bellies on the chest. We still do have them. Recently I have been getting annoyed with mine, I keep unplugging it by accident. But, they do not get hot at all, the power supply sits on the floor and the LEDs inside generate a tiny amount of heat, they are extremely comfortable. The lights are currently under review, the Barbican show could be their send off... you never know.

DD: Having remixed a lot of popstresses like Goldfrapp and Lykke Li etc, to more band types do you have any dream collaborators?
Joe Mount:
I don't really have a dream collaborator. For the next album I would like to find a writing partner, someone who can get a bit more from me than I currently can. But I anticipate it being someone quite don't to earth, no one that dreamy. I think of lot of the people you might consider to be a dream collaborator often rely on many other people to get the best from them. I expect that between us, me and Kanye west would struggle to turn a computer on.

DD: You're playing the Bicycle Film Fest - are you guys avid bike riders? Opinions on the London Boris bikes?
Joe Mount:
When I was younger I went through a BMXing phase. Oscar also BMXed, but he was actually very good. I think we all own bikes now. The Boris bikes are good in my opinion, although my new game is to ask Taxi drivers what they think, oh they will tell you a thing or two about the Boris bikes.

DD: What are you most excited about now?
Joe Mount:
Right now, I am very excited to start mixing the new record. I am also looking forward to playing the new material live. The evenings are drawing in, so things like Sunday evenings in warm country pubs are beginning to seem like a possibility, that's pretty exciting. 

Metronomy, SBTRKT and Gallops play Barbican on Thursday 14th October 7.30pm